Jesus and Christmas Essay

Well, it’s Christmas Eve. I say “Merry Christmas” to you all in the most non-politically correct manner as I do believe that we should keep “CHRIST” in CHRISTmas. Ok, lots on my mind so I’ll try and make this understandable. I’ll start this by saying I’m Jewish, don’t celebrate Christmas, and never have done Christmas shopping.

Heck, my family goes to Vegas on Christmas and we have a good time. From my observations, I feel like Christmas has long lost its true meaning. How long is the holiday supposed to be (I don’t know)?Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is the only thing we’re going to hear about on the radio, television, and advertising. When did Christmas become such a consumer whorefest? Watching the insanity on black friday makes me wonder, is this the Christmas spirit that everybody tries to capture and share? People get so stressed out about shopping for gifts and trying to make everybody they know happy for Christmas. What’s worse is American companies exploit this and only reinforce the consumerism that is everywhere during this time of year. Now, what is the holiday of Christmas?I’m not an expert, but I’m guessing its not about seeing who can give the better gifts or who can hang the best Christmas lights. If anybody wants to talk about “an attack on Christmas”, perhaps we should first look at the consumerism in our society first.

That seems to me what would be the main factor that’s “attacking” Christmas. How many people truly enjoy the holiday these days without the stress of shopping, travel, etc.? “My Thoughts on Christmas” Christmas is about the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is a season of thanksgiving and sharing.

A time for us to renew ourselves and to be inspires by the power of this celebration.In this, we gather together to witness the coming of our redeemer, who died to save us from our sins. Moreover, this is a time to be joyful and to be glad because we commemorate the birth of Jesus. In our tradition, Christmas entails events and rituals that help to bring us back in front of the Lord. An example of these is the ‘Simbang Gabi’ or ‘the Dawn Masses’. In every celebration of the Holy Eucharist, the life of Jesus is partaken.

Another tradition is the Noche Buena, wherein the family gathers together in one table celebrating the coming of Christ.On the other hand, Christmas is not all about the gifts, food, events, parties or happiness in oneself. It is about happiness and joy within oneself and among the others. During Christmas holidays, we spend so much on having a vacation, relaxation and being free from stress. These are usual events that happen in this season.

Though people prepare for the coming of Christ, others forget the real essence why we have Christmas, which is sharing. We don’t have to share all that we have but we have to share what we can. Material things are not only the things that can be shared.

Our thoughts, experience and knowledge can also be shared to those people who lack social abilities. In order for them to be comforted we can share and talk for awhile with them. As a result, they would feel comforted and realize that they are not alone. Thinking of poverty in our country, there are so many children on streets abandoned and working in their young age, no food to eat while during parties there is too much excess food thrown to garbage.

How about we reduce our expenses in these parties and give what we saved to them? Isn’t it wonderful?