New style of Person Specification Essay

The Council is introducing a new style of Job Description and Person Specification and has updated its advice on their content. The current style was introduced around twenty years ago, although the advice and guidance has evolved considerably over the years. Recent work in applying the National Job Evaluation scheme has high lighted a number of areas where Job Descriptions and Person Specifications could provide more detailed information about some aspects of the work.In addition best practice in acquirement, staff development and performance management now focuses upon competencies, which therefore need to feature more prominently in job design. 2. Set out below managers will find Word templates for the new style, together with advice on how to use the layout to accurately set out the service’s requirements. There is also an update to the Council’s advice on available qualifications following the Governments recent review of the National Qualification Framework.

Drafting a Job Description 3. The aim of a Job Description is to set out as clearly and concisely as possible what is expected of the post holder.It should be unambiguous and written in a way that the post holder can understand. 4. Job Descriptions are not only used at the point of advertising to fill a post, although this is often the time of inception. Other uses of the Job Description Induction – to clearly outline what is expected of the individual and the support required; Probation – to evaluate the performance of new appointees; Development and Training – to act as the reference point for training needs analysis; Appraisal – to identify strengths and weaknesses in performance and to refocus efforts.It is normal to start an appraisal interview by reviewing the intents of a Job Description with the post holder. Job Evaluation – to provide an objective description of the duties and responsibilities of the post.

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5. The Job Description is a live management document. In today’s Local Government service jobs are constantly evolving. Managers need to update the document on a regular basis as part of the appraisal process. 6.

When writing a Job Description avoid describing the current or last post holder’s preferred duties rather than the post and what you want it to achieve.Always consider how you can update or alter the post to make it ore flexible and therefore open to a wider section of the community, e. G. By offering flexible working arrangements. 7. The County Council has a new standard format for Job Descriptions (see Appendix 1) that managers should use in all instances. If this does not meet your requirements please discuss this with your allocated HRS adviser. Some occupational groups (Social Work) have generic Job Descriptions which individual managers should not change without involving senior managers and a HRS adviser.

. You should base Job Descriptions on a job analysis and aim to keep the document as concise and factual as possible. Consider the following areas: 9.

Outcomes Identify the output or outcomes. Avoid stipulating basic tasks and processes and concentrate upon what the post-holder must produce individually or as part oaf team. The Job Description should make clear what the key result areas are and how managers will determine success. Resources 10. For what financial or physical resources will the post have direct responsibility?Will the post holder have authority to spend or commit resources or will they monitor historical data and report future projections? Significant bodies of information are a corporate resource. Planning and organization 1 1 . This covers organizing, proportioning and planning time and resources, be they human, physical or financial. This may include planning and organizing one’s own work; planning work for others on day-to-day tasks or on projects; carrying out operational planning and planning for coming years.

Deciding & Initiating 12. What scope will the post holder have to exercise initiative and take independent actions?This will depend upon the level of available supervision and the limits or parameters inherent in the work systems and procedures being used. Communication 13. Focus on those with whom the post holder interacts e. G.

Internal and external groups, organizations and individuals etc. What form does this communication take, e. G. In writing, electronically, orally, by presentation, etc? What is the purpose of the communication? Is it simply providing information, tying to persuade someone to a point of view, discussions which may become contentious or acrimonious such as exercising some regulatory role?Responsibility for others 14.

Who is the post holder responsible for e. G. Team members, clients, students etc? Does this involve induction, coaching, mentoring, appraisal, raining, supervision, capability and discipline? Investigation, Analysis and Research 15. May include following standard procedures to analyses data; identifying appropriate (new) methods of research; collating and analyzing a range of data from different sources. Exceptional working conditions 16.

Factors that might impact on any of the above points e. G. Noise, fumes, dirt or any other difficult or challenging working conditions. 7. The corporate template ensures that sufficient detail is provided for the Job Description’s various uses and in particular for the recruitment and job valuation procedures.

TO help you make best use Of the format the following section explains the various elements and gives some examples. Remember, you should use clear and simple language to ensure that applicants or post holders quickly understand the essential nature and requirements of the post. Post title 18.

This should indicate as clearly as possible the function of the job and its level within the organization.Grade 19. The grade is determined through job evaluation so you will be notified what grade will apply. Responsible to 20. The title of the line manager Date 1 -Date the Job Description was last updated. Manager Level 22. This is the level assigned under the corporate Leadership and Management development framework to indicate the training and support package to apply.

Use 1 for Senior, 2 for Middle or 3 for First line Manager. Job Purpose 23. This is a short evocative description of the post drawn from the key elements of the description itself.It should describe where the post fits into the structure and what the general purpose of the post is.

It is often better to complete this section after the duties and responsibilities have been analyses and described. 4. For staff resources identify the number and level of posts reporting directly to the post holder. Financial resources might include revenue budgets, capital budgets or income generation. Is it simply a support and monitoring role or can the post holder directly influence or change the way resources are used and allocated?Indicate the annual budgets involved. Is it a EOM five year contract or a ELM annual budget with order values of around EWE? Physical resources include buildings, a fleet of vehicles, archives or significant bodies of data or information. Some posts (e.

G. Care services) will eve responsibility for individuals or groups of clients, set-vice users or members of the public Other than employees. The key factor is the nature and extent of the direct impact on their well being. Duties and Key Result Areas 25. This is a summary of the general duties that make up the post.The steps required defining the main areas of responsibility or main tasks are: Identify and produce an initial list of the main activities or tasks carried out by the job holder.

Analyses the initial list of tasks and group them together so that no more than about ten main activity areas remain, if the number extends such beyond this the Job Description will become over complex and it will be difficult to be specific about accountabilities or tasks. 26. Define each activity as a statement of what the post holder is expected to achieve I. E. N output.

This should be done in one sentence that should: Start with a verb in the active voice e. G. Plans, prepares, produces, provides, maintains. It is worth considering the use of verbs as these may have an effect on grading decisions e.

G. Manage or supervise, be responsible for or progress in agreement with. Describe the object of the verb (what is done) as succinctly as possible e. G. Tests new systems, posts cash to the nominal ledger.

State briefly the purpose of the activity in terms of outputs or standards to be achieved e. G. Sets new systems to ensure that they meet the agreed systems specifications, posts cash to the nominal ledger in order to provide up to date and accurate financial information.

Statements that emphasize outputs in terms of results expected provide essential data for use in agreeing objective performance measures. 27. Examples Prepare supply and demand information to meet business requirements. Plan and implement employee development programmer to meet identified needs.

Maintain accurate, confidential and efficient filing and record systems.Advise on HRS strategies, policies and practices that support the County Council’s business objectives while fulfilling its obligations to employees.