Internal Audit Management Team Essay

What are the duties and job responsibilities associated with the position held by the individual you interviewed? Josh told me that his responsibility is to ensure that all of the company’s assigned audits are successfully completed from start to finish.

He reports to members of the company’s Internal Audit Management Team. Josh manages and directs the activities of the junior associate auditors that are assigned to his team.He identifies and communicates issues raised, offering recommended solutions relevant to business and risk. Josh must make sure that the conclusions to the company audits are properly documented. He says that he does work directly with the company’s Finance Director and at times other Directors to complete certain tasks. 2. What are the types of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed to successfully accomplish the job responsibilities? To be a Senior Auditor, Josh says that you must have the ability to apply audit standards through practical application.The company wanted him to have strong organization and communication skills.

Auditing is all about problem solving so he says that having a high aptitude for problem solving IS a strong skill to have. He stressed that one must be reliable. The ability to lead a team to successful results is a must for this position.

3. Does the position require any physical tasks? If so, describe the physical tasks and state their frequency. Is there any additional information about the job that would be beneficial to include in the job description? Josh says that the only physical task of this position is showing up on time ready to work.Having experience in accounting is very beneficial to this position. It is possible to climb through the ranks and learn as you go, but coming in you are required to have at least a Bachelors in Accounting.

Job Description The Senior Auditor oversees audit staff during audits. The Senior Auditor will conduct research and reviews and make the necessary recommendations to change policies, create new systems or possibly change employee roles. There may be times the Senior Auditor will be working directly with the Finance Director and other company Directors.

Senior Auditor role, duties and responsibilities A Senior Auditor will be expected to perform any of the following tasks: Identify risk matters and present Engagement with Senior staff to achieve a understanding Of the business Ensure compliance with internal and external requirements Conducts assigned audit engagements successfully from beginning to end Identifies and communicates issues raised, offering recommended solutions elevate to business and risk Supervises junior auditors assigned to engagements providing guidance and overall review of deliverables Ensures audit conclusions are based on a complete understanding of the process, circumstances, and risk Develops audit programs and testing procedures relevant to risk and test objectives. EDUCATIONAL REQUIRED ; Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, technology or the equivalent combination of Education, training, and work experience. ; A minimum of at least 2 years audit experience is required Recruiting Strategies . What are three recruiting strategies that could be used to recruit for this job position? A.

Employee Referrals B. Company Job Site C. Post Online to Job Boards These are all excellent ways to recruit someone for a potential job.All three of these recruiting strategies are proven to work for jobs of all fields. A common factor that each of these has is that it not only gives someone outside of the company a chance at a new job, but it also provides a way to reach someone who may already be with the company. Using either one of these strategies increases the chance offending the right person for the job.

Posting Online to a Job Board such as Indeed or Monster exposes this position to millions of potential applicants. That increases your chances of finding a great candidate, but it also could lead to a very long hiring process. Employee Referrals can definitely work for this position.

Since this is a Senior role, it is very likely that someone who might be in junior role may know of someone who has been working in the same field for some time. The downside of an Employee Referral is that you could potentially waste your mime interviewing someone who was simply pumped up to be more than they really were leaving a sort of cloud over the person who recommended them. I think that for a Senior Role such as this, posting it on the company website would be the best choice.

It limits the position to someone who would have had to have had an interest in the company from the start. It also allows the position to be shown to those who have already been working for the company who may be interested in moving up the corporate ladder.