The company’s mission vision statement Essay

The HRS has to identify those needs and work upon them to make the employees feel important and motivated by providing them time o time training related to their field of interest. It is to be kept into consideration that if the employee will not find any career advancement in the kind role he is assigned in the organization, his inclination towards performing will be really low due to lack of motivation. 2. Organizational Goals: To understand and define the overall objectives and goals of the organization, its mission as well as vision.

It also calls for aligning the skills of the workforce with the company’s mission/vision statement and encouraging them to work towards achieving those organizational objectives. It does not only include the present organization requirements but also forecasting the future needs and making strategies for fulfilling them. 3. Training and Development: To ensure proper availability of latest tools and methods for training the employees as required for their respective competencies.Identifying the imperfect areas which requires training and also working towards filling the need gap with the best available training tools. HRS should realize that training is not an unnecessary expenditure which can be discarded; instead they should understand that if the employees are properly trained and developed, t can prove to be the best investment made by the company which will definitely furnish quality returns in future. HRS job does not just ends with the training.

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They should also scrutinize the post training transformation in the performance the employees and should provide adequate feedback if further improvement is required. 4. Recruitment: Selecting the best workforce from the labor market by using the recruitment options like internal job portals, job websites, advertisements, employment agencies etc.

Personal interviews, G’s, Aptitude test should be unbiased and very seriously performed, for getting the cream employee.The candidates should be informed well in advance about the profile of the job, required skills, attitude and the workload a candidate can experience so that they may come with a defined mindset and give their best to the job offered to them. Before moving ahead with recruiting, the HRS manager should ensure the adds saucy of the funds to be invested on the recruitment procedure.

5. Staffing: To assign the right job to the right employee if the proper utilization of the talent is needed. The HRS should understand that the employee will not be able to give his 100% if his talent is not utilized in the right direction.They also require making them understand the overall objective, mission and vision statements and also providing them proper resources which will help him attain those objectives.