Job Design, Recruiting and Selection Essay

Human Resources October 18, 2010 Assignment #1: Individual Project, Executive Chef (Job Design, Recruiting & Selection) 1. Job Analyses and Design A) Company: Badda Bings Fine Dining Ristorante Position Title: Executive Chef Reports To: General Manager, Joe Blow Department: Kitchen Prepared by: General Manager, Joe Blow Approved By: Owner, Ivana Blow Subordinates: Sous-chef, Assistant Sous-chef, Line Cook, Expeditor, and Dishwasher Summary: Your job is to plan the menu, kitchen work schedule, finances and food supply orders.You will lead lower kitchen management to manage their human resources effectively, while also communicating clearly with your peers so that business runs thoroughly. Leading the kitchens success is your highest priority.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Tasks: * Ensure that all culinary dishes are planned up to be served on schedule under the set bill time of the dish item so customers get their food in a reasonable and perceived time and so that table turnover can be managed in a effective, efficient manner. Supervise all of the prepared food items that leave the kitchen for guests when working during lunch and dinner rushes so that dishes can be guaranteed to be the most top quality as possible. * Create new menu items, and modify and replace existing ones as well, using your food knowledge and creativity that fit the purpose of Italian fine dining as needed so that the menu selection remains effective for the customer. * Keeping up and responding to new trends in the food industry on a continuous basis to keep the restaurant up with the times and new opportunities.

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Leading and working with kitchen management in a team setting on creating new menu items so that the most ideas can be brought into discovering, developing and preparing new dishes that relate to Italian dining. * Maintaining impeccable hygiene for yourself and uniform, and work area so appearance and cleanliness is kept in check at the work place and that you can lead by example to your work mates. * Make sure your new staff learns proper cooking skills that applies to the menu and that their job relates to, so that they know all responsibilities, tasks, and duties for their position.

Lead by example in all areas of work when you are performing the same or similar duties and responsibilities as other kitchen workers to help them follow in correct format to how duties and responsibilities are to be followed through. * Maximizing the productivity of the kitchen staff so that the restaurants kitchen budget is spent as efficiently as possible, this includes setting time schedules for kitchen staff as well. * Communicating properly to your subordinates, peers and superiors in a clear and appropriate manor so that everyone that needs to know of certain issues is well informed. Managing subordinates in a proper line of authority to get duties and responsibilities completed in an orderly fashion.

*Manage and plan enough food to be prepped ahead of time so that it is more accessible and quicker to be cooked and set for the customers. * Planning and counting food products, and ordering supplies over the phone to suppliers when needed for the restaurant yourself so that the kitchen has enough stock to fulfill customer orders but not too much is ordered so perishable foods do not expire before sale. Periodically check with other kitchen management on operations to ensure business is running smoothly in the most effective and efficient manor. * Communicating to the general manager on new and existing menu items of what seems innovative or has a higher selling percentage status so that he or she can market those dishes accordingly.

* Teaching bar and dining room management on new menu items in a one to one basis when new menu items are being placed in the restaurant menu so that they can teach their department staff knowledgably on how to sell the new items. Maintain an appropriate relationship with staff on a continuous basis so that professionalism and positive employee energy and dedication is kept in the organization. * Making sure lower kitchen management is performing annual reviews and continues wage increases for staff so you are aware of the staffs’ skills and wages are kept at a competitive level. * Ensure that the kitchen addresses and commits to sanitation and safety laws so the kitchen can run in a legal format. Promote and dictate company policies and regulations to other staff, while being self personally disciplined enough to adhere to those policies and regulations under your own supervision as well. Qualifications and Skills * Have obtained at least your Red Seal at a culinary arts school. * Have had at least ten years experience working for a kitchen and three years managing. * Have above average computer skills and abilities to use Excel and accounting programs.

Has substantially fit knowledge as a manager in human resource, which includes the ability to recruit, train and dispose of employees when need may be, accounting, time management skills, leadership skills and communication skills. Physical Demands * Being able to work under stress continually. * Having the energy to work in a fast paced environment. * Working long hours, especially during seasonal times when business is high such as summer, statutory holidays and long weekends, and Badda Bing promotions are going on.Working Environment You will be working in a fast paced environment and leading your followers in this type of environment as well. You will be over viewing and managing the kitchen so that it stays efficient and effective. It is a line of work where you will be stationed in the kitchen department and restaurant office for most of your work time, this will require that you be on your feet while working in the kitchen and sitting down while working in the office.

You will spend about half your time operating the kitchen on the floor and the other half doing office work that relates to the kitchen. Frequent interruptions from other staff will have a tendency to occur while fulfilling your set duties, this will require multi-tasking on your part. Long hours and overtime may be placed on you in times of need. Communicating with other staff will become a continuous activity. B)The job of an executive chef at Badda Bings Ristorante has a variety of tasks and roles that correspond with the kitchen and how it relates to the rest of the restaurant.Your primary goal is to use your education knowledge and past experience from working in the kitchen to lead your team to fulfill and improve kitchen expectations. Your role as a leader is of the highest importance out of all other positions in the kitchen, since you must lead by example to all other levels of kitchen staff. You will have to be innovative in menu creation to compete with other restaurants.

It is important to have well-rounded social skills so that leading and communicating with staff properly can be achieved.There is office skills that go hand in hand with the job as well, because offices duties include planning food supplies and kitchen work force, which is a needed asset to maintain and control the department accordingly. Since this is a top management job, the position acquires that the worker is able to think for him or herself, because he or she will be relying heavily on them-self to make judgments about routines and situations that face the kitchen. 2. Recruiting and Selection – Part 1 A) 1. Only hire someone that has obtained at least a Red Seal Certificate from a culinary arts school.

Will obtain by checking applicants resume and then followed up by asking the candidate to see their Red Seal Certificate if they are one of the desired people to have working for Badda Bings. 2. Has at least ten years of kitchen experience and three years management experience behind his or her name. * First by checking work experience in the applicants resume and then asking the candidate for approval to contact past employers to obtain verification. 3. The candidate has exceptional social skills so he or she can communicate and lead effectively with other staff, because communication is a major asset to this job. This will be kept in mind by the caller to observe when first contacting the applicant over the phone, then in the first interview, followed by orientation and finally kept in mind when informally evaluating the worker over his or her three-month probationary period. 4.

The candidate must be fluent in time management, organizational skills and be able to adapt to his or hers environment so he or she can finish time-based tasks on time and teach lower hierarchy staff to be as efficient as well. This is because the restaurant business is a busy industry where there is a scarce limit on time to get products out and service to the customer. Will ask the applicant in their first interview to what level of strength they feel they have in these three skills. If it seems like a positive connection between the candidate and the restaurant, we will ask the candidate if we can contact past employers for a validation. Then followed by informal judgment on how the employee is using these skills at work in the three-month probationary period. 5.

Since the candidate will hold a top management position, he or she will be responsible for carrying out general management duties.These duties will include using Microsoft Excel to manage kitchen inventory and human resources, accounting software to manage finances for the kitchen, and e-commerce and telephone to communicate with the general manager, owner and suppliers that deals with the kitchens tasks. These responsibilities will acquire that the candidate has above average skills in computer competence. * This will be first looked at in the applicants resume for knowing management skill, such as managing kitchen inventory and human resources, accounting software to manage finances for the kitchen, and e-commerce.Followed by asking for approval to contact past employers to validate these skills. An informal test will be giving to the candidate if he or she remains in the top few candidates to see if they can prove these skills to the company. 6.

Must have a high sense of energy to maintain mental and physical strength, since the restaurant business is an exceptionally fast paced industry. * Ask what their interests are and past sport activities were, in the first interview and see if their interest and sport activities correspond with an active lifestyle. Asking past employers on how the candidate managed mental and physical endurance in the past will be taken into consideration. * Observing how the employee handles mental and physical stress while working for us during their probationary period. * This is an area that will require the employer to make judgment, since it is a hard area to validate until the worker is chosen and has worked for the company for at least a brief time. 7. The position should be fitted with a person that shows a continuous professionalism so that hierarchy of the organizational structure, culture and expectations of lower kitchen staff doesn’t lose its formality.

After getting approval from the candidate, doing a reference check with past employers to see if he or she upholds professionalism while working. B) The three methods Badda Bings can plan to use, to recruit a new executive chef is private employment agencies, executive search firms and employee referrals: The first “profitable hospitality”, which is a private employment agency, can help find the largest pool of candidates for the position out of all three methods. Badda Bings will be using “profitable hospitality” since they have had success with the agency before.The general manager will send in his request for recruits, which the agency will solicit to jobseekers, mainly relying on advertising and walk-ins.

The general manager should give the agency an accurate and complete job description and ask that the agency will be screening candidates on based on their qualifications and skills. This can save Badda Bings a great deal of time by finding, interviewing, and selecting qualified candidates. This method is moderately costly, which would cost the firm between 15 to 30% of the positions first year salary rate.The Second method, which is the most expensive, is using “Executive Hospitality,” this is an executive search firm. Even though it is an expensive method, it would bring more security to a very knowledgeable worker and best probability for a best fit between the position and Badda Bings.

The search firm specializes in helping recruit only high-level chefs and hospitality management for restaurants and hotels. Again, they would provide the firm with the job description, qualifications and skills but it would be done on a more personnel level with the agency. Executive Hospitality” would do all the work for us and we would only have to interview a small base of candidates from this source, which would have highly likeliness of having creditable and good fit candidates.

The Third method would be using employee referrals to find a new Executive Chef. This would be done on an internal basis by asking current employees if they know executive chefs that are looking for another company to work for or of people that are presently unemployed as an Executive Chef. Since the chef world is a close-knit culture of chefs, chefs may know of other chefs in other restaurants looking for work.

Referrals would be a cheap and accessible solution to the issue. We would offer a bonus to whichever employee that refers the candidate, whom gets the job and stays till after the probationary period. C) The type of applicants looking for this position are highly self motivated cooks. For starters, the fact that they get a chance to lead and control a kitchen is high motivator for most executive chefs. They will get to use their life-long skills in leading and helping create an innovational menu.

Even though this benefit is very similar in all executive chef positions, here are very few positions available for executive chefs in the fine dining sector in Canada. Executive chefs looking for work will jump to the chance to help lead a fine dining restaurant. Since being an executive chef is a high stressing job, we will offer an added on extra week of paid vacation a year (above legal requirements) to our executive chef. Badda Bings will also offer a health and benefits package to the executive chef, just like it offers the same to all managerial positions in their restaurant.

Being a manager, you as well get a free meal whenever you work and a 25% discount on food and 30% on alcohol for you and a friend, when you come in to eat at Badda Bings on days off. 3. Recruiting and Selection – Part 2 Situational: * What would you do if you caught another worker stealing inventory from the kitchen or from the restaurant in general? (2A, 7: professionalism) * If you were working on the kitchen line during a dinner rush and too much of the same dish was ordered at the same time and not enough of this product is in stock how would you go about dealing with the problem at the time? 2A, 3: can communicate and lead effectively) * You are going counting your inventory and realized that stock is low in a certain item, how do you go about this to make sure there is enough stock to last you for the day, open till close? (2A, 5: communicate with the general manager, owner and suppliers) * What kind of personality traits would you look for in a candidate when hiring a new employee to bring into your team? (2A, 5: general management duties, human resource) Behavioral: When working as a manager before, how did you deal with an employee that didn’t show professionalism by showing up to work on time regularly? (2A, 7: professionalism) * Have you ever been at work under pressure, and not been able to correct a needed to be dealt with situation by your self? (2A, 6 and 4: have a high sense of energy and be able to adapt to his or her environment) * If so, what was the situation and how did you get help to deal with it? Did it end up getting fixed? 2A, 6 and 4: have a high sense of energy and be able to adapt to his or her environment) * Have you ever been accused by your peers or higher management that you did not meet up to par with the professionalism of the restaurant? (2A, 7: professionalism) * Have you ever mismanaged finances in the past to the point where you were punished? (2A, 5: carrying out general management duties, managing finances) * What steps did you take to ensure that mistake never happened again? (2A, 5: carrying out general management duties, managing finances)