John Quincy Adams Essay

We have had 43 presidents and each one has been an important part of our history. Our presidents are elected every four years on the first Tuesday in November. To run for presidency you have to be born in the United States, be over 35 years old, and have lived in the United States for 14 years or more. After being elected the president is sworn in on January 20 in Washington, D. C. and recites an oath. You can only be president for eight years. The president picks his cabinet members after the inauguration and he and his family move into the White House. I have chosen to research our 6th president, John Quincy Adams.

John Quincy Adams was born on July 11, 1767 on a small farm in Braintree, Massachusetts. His parents are John Adams, our second president, and Abigail Adams. John had two younger brothers and one older sister. In 1787, at 20 years old, John graduated from Harvard College. He became a lawyer and practiced law in Boston in 1790. John got married in 1797 to Louisa Johnson. John and Louisa had three sons, George, John, and Charles, and he had one daughter, Louisa Catherine. John was 58 years old when he was elected president in 1825. He was elected by the House of Representatives and won by one vote against Andrew Jackson.

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John picked John C. Calhoun to be his Vice President. John strongly supported using national funds to improve transportation. On October 26, 1825, the first passage of the 363 mile long Erie Canal was completed. There were so many disagreements during his presidency that Democratic – Republican Party split into two parties. John describes his presidency as “the four most miserable years of my life. ” John finished his presidency in 1829 when he was beaten by Andrew Jackson. He returned to Massachusetts where he was convinced to run for congress. John won and served for nine terms from 1830 to 1848.

His most important goal was to fight against slavery. He had a stroke in the Capital Building and died on February 23, 1948, at the age of 80. John served his country to the end. John is remembered for his fight against slavery and for the rights of Native Americans. Historians say John is the most learned person to serve as President. He left his 8,500 volume library to his son Charles. He was called “Old Man Eloquent” because he was such a good speaker. He once said “Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order. ” John Quincy Adams was one of the most respected men in Washington, D. C.