Jokes From Russia Essay

This Somebody even gave him a few practical tips, saying how to start the whole matter: ” You just buy yourself a DOD big pig then bring her to a good boar with a certain reputation. As soon as the boar would cover and get mated with your pig then you may start counting your first piglets and then will be more and of them and they will make you rich. ” so Our new Russian Businessman did all as he was told: bought a huge pig, then put her into a wheelbarrow and drove her to the other side of the village to mate with a locally famous boar.The boar did his business and the man brought his pig back home. Rather tired he went to De but first thing in the morning he rushed to the pigsty to count his piglets.

But alas, there were no piglets! So the man thought “perhaps the boar hasn’t done his business properly let’s put them together again. So again the pig is put into a wheelbarrow, the wheelbarrow is driven to the other side of the village and the boar is doing his business again. Next morning, guess what? Still no piglets, not a single one!The man quite bewildered what could be possibly wrong, as his last effort put the pig into the wheelbarrow and ragged it to that flipping boar. The boar definitely did his business. Nothing Seems wrong with the boar at all. K, the man absolutely exhausted brought his pig back.

In the morning being unable to do it himself the man asked his wife to go to the pigsty and see if there are any piglets. The wife soon came back. Well? – the man asked impatiently – how many of them has she delivered? -? the woman -? I haven’t seen any piglets there are none, but the pig is already in the wheelbarrow.