Jordan citizens requirements and needs. The Government also

Jordan is particularly concerned with the issue
of making its cities resilient, efficient and environment-friendly and
providing citizens with a better life-style by including them into the planning
process. With the participation of Amman as a member of “100 Resilient Cities”,
the city Government presented its strategy in a document that proposes the
possible goals, that can also be achieved by other cities, in the near future7.
One of the main pillars of the strategy is the improvement of mobility and the
transportation system. A better and more efficient transport service reduces
reliance on cars and allows citizens to move around the city in an easier way.
Amman also encourages the introduction of electric vehicles for public
transport that would decrease the urban pollution. In order to make this
process more efficient and safe, it is important to create an urban mobility
observatory that monitors and manages citizens requirements and needs.

The Government also wishes to promote
walkability and, through cooperation between the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry
of Tourism and some NGOs, it released a walking map8.
The new map illustrates the possible routes in the city that connect all the neighbourhoods
and communities in order to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. This would
also help the city to reduce CO2 emissions, intensify city identity
and support tourism.

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Amman is also interested in exploring new
urbanism opportunities. For this purpose, NGOs are active to create more
gathering and meeting spaces especially introducing green areas. Jordan
therefore welcomes the project promoted by “Tree and Design Action Group” that offers
some suggestions and a detailed guide about the awareness of the role of trees
in the metropolitan environment and the methods to create a sustainable green
city. These tips include (A) knowing the country’s tree resource, (B) having a
tree strategy, (C) protecting and planting trees, (D) choosing the right trees
in order to create an environment-friendly area and (E) providing air, water
and soil9.
With a view to realising this project, inspiration can be taken from the High
Line in New York City, a disused railway line redesigned to be an elevated
walkable street garnished by a wide range of trees and plants10.

For cities like Amman, that are affected by
floods and heavy rainfalls, it is crucial to develop a storm water drainage

The priority must be the participation of all
citizens in the construction of our progressive cities. To achieve this goal, countries
can count on technology. People could express their opinion, needs, wishes,
proposals and questions through an app that is constantly monitored by a team
of experts. All data can be saved and analysed monthly in order to intervene

A short-term strategy, that is very easy but at
the same time extremely important to carry out, is to allow future generations
to participate in the discussion about their city. This strategy needs the
intervention of the Ministry of the Education as it is directed at school age
students. They will learn about city issues such as public behaviour, climate
change and resource consumption.