Judge, in Madrid. The Franco dictatorship of 1939-1975

Judge, How would you feel if every single day you were punished and harassed for practicing your beliefs and for your culture. This is the plight of the Catalans against the Spanish. Even though Catalonia is part of Spain, they are not treated the same even though they play a major role in Spain. Police fired rubber bullets, wrestled protesters, smashed doorways and carted off ballot boxes in several parts of Barcelona just because the people of Catalonia were trying to vote on independence. Spain should give Catalonia independence because it would not only benefit Spain but also Catalonia. I would now like to lay down a roadmap of my speech. I would first like to state my weighing mechanism, and second I would like to state my one and only point. The weighing mechanism for this debate is that what is best for the people of Catalonia and Spain.I will now be moving onto my first and only assertion. Spain giving Catalonia independence increase Catalonia’s cultural identity and it would prevent acts of nationalism from the Catalonian people. Catalans speak their own language, They are richer than their fellow citizens in the rest of Spain, they contribute more to the national budget than they receive back, They have their own history, and they have their own traditions and cultures. They also carry unhappy memories of domination by centralizing governments in Madrid. The Franco dictatorship of 1939-1975 harshly suppressed their culture, identity, and political and civil liberties. Seyedi, who recently graduated from Birkbeck, the University of London with a Master’s Degree in “The Middle East in Global Politics,” explained that even in the post-Franco period, while Catalans could regain their autonomy within Spain, the anxiety persists, not only because they hold images of torture, deprivation, and lack of cultural rights but also because their existence as a nation is not recognized yet. If Spain gave Catalonia Independence, both countries would be able to operate separately under the own religions and cultures. The people of Catalan are not the people of Spain. The people have of Catalan have their own celebrations, culture, language, and much more. If you oppress a community, they will eventually fight back. “Language is a central element and expression of identity and of key importance in the preservation of group identity. Language is particularly important to linguistic minority communities seeking to maintain their distinct group and cultural identity, sometimes under conditions of marginalization, exclusion, and discrimination,” stated Rita Izsák, an expert on minority issues. The oppression of Catalonia has to lead to an increase in nationalism in the Catalan people. There is a Direct causality that can be drawn between nationalism and war. The greater the number of stateless individuals who hold nationalistic sentiments, the greater the likelihood of war. The people of Catalonia have been fighting to get themselves liberated from their oppressors for 75 years now, from the beginning of the Franco dictatorship. One example of a country which split because of their culture and traditions is Kosovo and Serbia.  Albanians felt that they were be suppressed by Serbians and would receive ethnic cleansing because of their cultures and traditions. Ethnic cleansing – the use of terror such as murder – to drive an community from an area just because of their beliefs should not happen. If the Serbians had respected the Albanians, the split would not have been necessary.   Because of the split of Kosovo and Serbia, both sides are now able to live in peace without the fear of being attacked or suppressed by the other side. Each side is free to pursue their own cultures and traditions. the Catalan independence movement has been building. It is driven by strong personal identification with Catalan culture and what social psychologists call sacred values: moral values of the highest significance that people would give their lives for. The people of Catalonia want the right to vote for independence and the protection of their ideas and beliefs. Threats to sacred values and identities often lead to increased activism violence. Denying Catalans the right to ask Spain to give them independence only increases the sense of distrust towards Madrid and Spain. Denying the Catalans their sacred values and to practice their cultures and beliefs would only hurt Spain. For these reasons and many more, vote the opposition side of this debate.