Juliet vs Antigone Essay

The tragic heroines Antigone and Juliet share characteristics that delineate their personal dispositions and the qualities that all tragic heroines share as well. In the play Romeo and Juliet, a young girl named Juliet defies the will and regulations of her parents when she falls in love with a young boy names Romeo. Their love is forbidden because they come from rivaling families. Many unfortunate events occur including the death families and friends; due to the forbidden love, Romeo and Juliet result to suicide to freely love each other without the burden of a family name.In the play Antigone, a young girl, Antigone, feels obligated to bury her brother Polyneices knowing lucidly the penalties that will occur; her rash decision to entomb her brother comes from moral respect and the laws of the gods. When Antigone learns that both of her brothers are dead, she soon discovers of the injustice choices that King Creon, her uncle who has inherited the throne of Thebes, has decided by banning the burial of Polyneices. Antigone defies the law, buries her brother, and, as a result, is caught.

When Creon locks her away, she kills herself. Both Juliet and Antigone share vital traits that identify themselves as unique tragic heroines. The traits that Juliet and Antigone display throughout Romeo and Juliet and Antigone include being honorable, emotional, and secretive. One trait of a tragic heroine both Antigone and Juliet share is honorability. Creon, the ruler of Thebes, declares that a proper burial for Polyneices is forbidden because Polyneices was seen as a traitor.On the contrary, Antigone follows her heart and believes in the laws of the gods which required a proper burial for Polyneices despite his appearance of a traitor. As a result, she buries her brother and gives him a proper burial. With Antigone’s actions of burying her brother, it can be seen that she is honorable since Antigone is willing to defy her uncle in order to do what is morally correct for her brother.

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Juliet is an honorable tragic heroine. For instance, throughout the play, the audience is aware that her relationship with Romeo is ill-fated.Despite the family name and rivalry, Juliet doesn’t care and listens to her heart because she knows her love for Romeo cannot be broken by any means. She did everything in her power to be with Romeo and make their love free from any regulations; Juliet was even willing to kill herself so that she could fulfill her love with Romeo. In addition to being honorable, Juliet and Antigone share the quality of emotionality. In the play Antigone, Antigone becomes upset when Creon refuses to grant Polyneices an appropriate entombment.She fights and argues with Creon that he is unfair and that his actions are unjust to Polyneices and to the gods. In addition, Antigone becomes emotional when Creon threatens to lock her up in a cave because Antigone persistently insists on a burial for her brother.

Juliet also has moments where she is emotional. A sword fight arouses between Tybalt and Mercutio. Tybalt challenges Romeo to dance, but Romeo refuses and Mercutio replaces him; and Mercutio is killed as a result.

Once the nurse becomes aware of the tragic death of Mercutio, she immediately thinks of Juliet’s broken heart to know that Tybalt is dead and that Romeo is banished for slaying Tybalt. Juliet sobs and is depressed for a very long time. In addition, Juliet is emotional when she wakes up from her potion to find Romeo dead in the tombs. Juliet is filled with heartbreak and sadness; she is desperate to get her lover back that Juliet is even willing to kill herself for Romeo.

Lastly, Juliet gets emotional when she admits to her parents that she loves Romeo and not Paris.The announcement of Juliet’s and Paris’ wedding forms emotional sparks of fury in Juliet. She is already upset that Romeo is banished; and to know that a wedding with someone Juliet does not love adds to her anger. As a result, she lashes to her parents that her “love” for Paris isn’t genuine and that her real love is for Romeo; throughout this quarrel, Capulet threatens to disown Juliet which augments her emotions ever more.

Antigone and Juliet are also secretive. In Antigone, Antigone buries her brother without the awareness of Creon.She acts sneakily because Antigone doesn’t agree with Creon’s policies of prohibiting a burial for Polyneices. Therefore, Antigone goes to the fields where Polyneices lays and showers him with a proper burial including an entombment and prayers. In addition, Antigone is secretive when she kills herself in the cave. She doesn’t show any signs of yearning death even though she was distraught. Antigone doesn’t tell anyone where she is going; therefore, she was able to kill herself in privacy without the prevention of others. Juliet also presents herself as secretive.

For instance, her relationship with Romeo is secretive because no one knows about it except for the Nurse and Friar Lawrence since they are people whom Juliet confides in; not even Juliet’s parents know of the clandestine relationship. In addition, Juliet’s marriage to Romeo is secretive because it was not announced to the city of Verona; and with a high position like Juliet’s, a proper announcement of a wedding would common. Romeo and Juliet are married in the cell of Friar Lawrence so that they are secluded from those outside the church walls.Finally, when Juliet drinks the potion to fall into a deep sleep and fake her death, she is being sneaky. She wants to escape her marriage with Paris; so she fakes her death in order for Romeo and Friar Lawrence to bring her to Mantua to happily be with Romeo. This secrecy shows how desperate and Juliet is to save her and Romeo’s love for each other.

In conclusion, Juliet and Antigone sacrifice many things including their life so that they can be content and gratified that their actions are morally correct.Throughout each of the plays, Juliet and Antigone display character traits of honorability, emotionality, and secrecy; and at the end of each play, they each fall to their death with contribution from these characteristics. All in all, Juliet’s and Antigone’s downfall is done with their moral intentions that they believe is correct; thus, they put justice in everything they do. As a result, being honorable, emotional, and secretive have given Juliet and Antigone the title of a tragic heroine.