Junk food vs home-made food Essay

When we listen the name of KFC’s, McDonald, Pizza Hut the water comes in our mouth as it meet all our taste requirements at a low price. The fast food which is made from these companies is served commercially, which takes only a few seconds to assemble, is palatable and affordable. But while eating this tasty food, have we think about the nutritional compromises, this food contain a large amount of oils and fats, carbohydrates which can cause a greater risk of diabetes, hypertension, make person fluffy and also cause of heart attack cancer.

Eating fast food in large amount makes poison in the body. So, in other words we can say that we are buying poison in the form of fast food. As compare to fast food, homemade food is expensive, non-commercial takes more time to made but the main things is that homemade food do not contain these type of things which make us disease prone. No doubt that there is no comparison in between the soft drinks or sweet drink as soft drinks are the most selling product but these are also contain caffeine which may also used as the best toilet cleaner.So, these popular drinks only make us a house of diseases. The nutshell is that the home made sweet drink is many times over better than the soft drinks, as sweet drink is made up of fruits and vegetables which full fill our nutrient requirements.

Many times it was seen that the fat which is used by fast food restaurants in India is most hydrogenated vegetable oil. It is delicious to health in more ways than one. It is not metabolized by the body like natural fat is causing an increase in blood cholesterol level and clogging of arteries.

As increased consumption of fast and processed food in few years the intake of fat in our body is increased about 20 percent and sugar consumption has risen up by 40 percent. As consumption of fast food have a wide variety of chemical additives used as preservatives which makes the food poisoner can cause un-digestive diseases and also can lead to headaches, tightness in the chest and burning sensation in the forearms and back of the neck.Health is important then taste so by increasing in eating homemade food give insurance to our health as by fast food consumption calories and fats or refined sugar also displaces fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and other nutrient packet food from our diet. So, we must gave these things and eat food which gives fiber, vitamins, minerals and other protective food to protect us against heart attack, cancers, diabetes and other degenerative disorders. As it is seen that the food which is more fresh have high nutrition value as the homemade food is always fresh contain no chemical or preservative makes healthy, wealthy and wise.

At last the result seems to be that fast food is in small or large amount give diseases only but homemade food increases our health. So, try to increase eating homemade food instead of junk food.