12 projects across the United

K-12 projects across the United States are experimenting different delivery methods and moving away for the traditional design-bid-build method. Implementing the alternate delivery methods such as design build, construction manager at risk, and construction manager agent have their own advantages and disadvantage on different construction projects. There have been research studies done regarding comparison of design bid build and design build delivery methods across public, private, highway and military projects. Some researchers even compared design build and construction manager at risk in highway projects. Most of these researches has been comparing two or at most three different delivery methods, and these researches relied on empirical studies, surveys, and case studies. Very few research was done on comparing all four delivery projects. The review of other papers provided me an insight of understanding different methods of project procurement and comparison factors used.


The comparison of design bid build and construction manager at risk delivery methods for public schools was conducted by noel carpenter and dennis c. bausman during 2012-2014. To summarize these researchers have focused on the project performance in the basis of cost metrics, time metric and quality metrics. The final objective of this research to determine and define the performance differences among design bid build, and construction manager at risk. The data for this study was collected from the south eastern public schools, this data used the construction documents from 137 public schools. These 137 projects were proportionally chosen from South Carolina (24), Florida (30), North Carolina (43), and Georgia (40) out of South Carolina (109), Florida (239), North Carolina (195), and Georgia (286) respectively. All costs were normalized to 2012 U.S. dollars using historical cost index. This research concluded that design bid build was significantly superior over cost metric whereas construction manger at risk provided higher levels of product and service quality. However, evidence was not obtained to support the superiority of either of the two delivery methods in terms of project performances.

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