Karate, a Journey Between a 1st to 2nd Degree Black Belt Essay

It has been a very long journey between now and the beginning of my journey as a 1st Dan Black Belt. To start off, I would like to thank Head Master Wayne Steinmetz, Master Frank Mueller, Master Tina Curtis and all of the other Black Belts in The McHenry Flying Dragons for giving me this opportunity to continue on and achieve my goal to becoming a Black Belt. As my journey went on, I have realized that I have changed a lot just from becoming a Black Belt instead of a colored belt because when a Black Belt comes into play they wake up to the fact that they can be a role model as they grow into Kyuki-Do more and more.

I, on the other hand, have experienced that feeling; my mom has been working at a school for 17 years being an aide and finally a green stripe from our school she said, “Hey, Easton, guess what? There was a little boy named Danny and he was practicing his form during recess today. ” She also said, “I asked him, who you learned that from? ” The little boy said, “A Black Belt from my school, his name was Easton. ” When my mom told me that story it made me feel so happy inside because there was a lower belt looking up to me, as if I was his role model.

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As my journey continued on into the AKF McHenry Flying Dragons as a Black Belt; I have stopped to certain places to compete, demonstrate and just enjoy myself, as the days went on. I have competed in at least three Out of School Tournaments and one In-School Tournament. The out of school Tournaments include Huntley, Eau Claire and Clinton and the in-school Tournament includes only one place; The McHenry Flying Dragons. Also for many of the Tournaments I have shaking almost all of the Masters hands and especially Grand Master Ok Hyung Kims hand.

For demonstrations, they include parades, demos, and even an In-School Tournament. I have partaken in many of the parades, such as Fiesta’s Days Parade, Wonder Lake Parade and the Schufen and Spiel Parade in Johnsburg. In all of this Parades it was probably about a totally of 3 in a half miles together. My friends and I had to use our weapons in the back of our line; we were called the “anchor,” and the whole time walking we had to do all these crazy moves such as spinning our weapons or doing techniques with them.

With all of those events out of the way; when I came back to my normal classes, after my knee injury I have noticed that when I worked out as hard as I could, I never believed how sweaty I can get! But after a few classes I got back on track and kept right on going. Concluding my journey from 1st to 2nd Dan Black Belt there are many aspects that are looked up for a Black Belt. Such as being a role model of some sort, being a leader and leading classes and helping out the lower belts with their forms or kicks, also being patient with others.

Respect is one of the big rules in our Federation, otherwise if you don’t respect the instructor and or all senior ranks you will be dropped down for push-ups. As much as I want to keep going with all the rules and fun things we do, this shall be the end of my journey from a 1st Dan to 2nd Dan Black Belt. But again thank you Head Master Wayne Steinmetz for this great opportunity.