Karl Marx Idea Essay

Class structure and struggles are an area of particular interest Marx and Blend.

Both Marx and Blend believed that Capitalism had the effect of creating different socioeconomic classes. Marx and Blend posses similar views on capitalist. Marx believed capitalists exploited labor through the capitalists ability to treat labor as a commodity. The capitalist possesses this ability because he controls production, which allows the laborers to work.

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In Mar’s critique of capitalism he creates a perfect economic system in which everything sells for its exact value.The value of labor translates to the cost of keeping the laborer alive, or the subsistence wage”. The laborer is paid what is needed to keep him alive, but the laborer produces more than that. The capitalist creates profit by reaping the surplus value between what the laborer is paid and what is produced. The capitalist does not directly produce, but makes a profit from exploiting the laborers, because every other resource or product sells for its proper value. This was a point of contention for Marx.

Marx believed Class is derived from the economic position of ones work. Marx believed two classes emerged from this system, the laborer and the capitalist. Blend takes a efferent view on the creation of classes. To Blend class was determined by the value societies place on different types of work. This value translates into wealth for the individual. Over time Blend concluded that the ” activities of the leisure class- the winning of wealth by force- came to be regarded as honorable and dignified”.Bless’s “leisure class” much like Marx”s “capitalist” are a class apart form the labor or lower class because they do not directly produce but reap vast profits because of their place in the economic system.

Bless’s theory of “Conspicuous consumption” is a class of activities that seeks to distinguish class in society. Blend in a sense proposes that society class is divided by those that have, and those that don’t. The core of both Mar’s and Bless’s argument on the creation of class is private property.That is shown through Mar’s support of communism, which seeks to rid society of class by removing private property. Blend also bases his class structure on private property because he believed that largely through the display Of private property class is established.

Marx and Blend had similar views on classes; however, Marx and Blend had contrasting views of the social effect of classes. Marx believed that the continued exploitation of the labor force and their increasing dissatisfaction would lead them to a revolution to replace the capitalist to create a communist society.In this society there would be no classes and “Society would own all the means of production” which Marx believed allowed capitalists to exploit laborers. Marx believed that the class struggle would lead to the destruction of the upper class and capitalist. Blend had a different view of the effect of Social classes. Blend believes that the lower classes including labor do not seek to destroy he upper class or are even opposed to the upper class. Although the lower classes realize that the work that they do is less “dignified” than the upper class the lower class seeks to copy the upper class with the hopes of one day joining them.

Where Marx thought that classes would provide irreconcilable conflict that would destroy class systems and capitalism, Blend thought that classes provided social stability. Although both would agree that there is injustice in the exploitation of the labor force, their conclusions of their affect on society are in stark contrast. Marx and Blend use of class as premise to each different conclusions is in contrast to Bless’s and Marks use of machines as a premise to reach similar predictions. Blend and Marx had interesting conclusions drawn from the interaction of capitalist and machines.Machines would seem to be beneficial to the capitalist, but both Marx and Blend argued that machines would lead to the capitalist demise. Blend saw the machine as the force that would lead to destruction of the capitalist. The capitalist sought to take profits for himself, which would create inefficiency. The machine does not seek profits, but only seeks to produce.

Society’s legalization that engineers and machines would be more efficient than capitalist would lead to machines replacing business people. The effect Blend predicted is highly improbable.Marx also predicted machines would have a negative effect on capitalists in the capitalist system. In Mar’s perfect capitalistic society the capitalistic surplus profit came from the exploitation Of laborers. When capitalists switch to labor saving machines to cut labor cost, the capitalist lower their future profits indirectly which Marx believes ultimately leads to the destruction of the capitalist system. Machines lower refit because what they cost the capitalist is equal to the profit the machine will produce in the long run.