Karl Marx Theory Essay

Who is very Often ostracizes from the labor they’ve produced.

The first type of alienation is from the worker and the work he or she has produced. This means although a person may have put all their sweat equity in goods or laboring they have produced, they do not see any of the benefits outside of their pay wages. They work for the market, however they are not appreciated or respected for the work they have done. Many times the goods made by he or she is later sold at a much higher rate. These people start to feel alienated within a world they should feel apart of.The second type of alienation I understand to believe is alienation from other people. This type of alienation is monotonous and tedious behavior in a work place. For example working on an assembly line require little concentration because of the repetition requirements.

These workers also provide services and goods, however they also are not recognized. This behavior can make one feel as though they are foreigners in there own world. The third type of alienation is from the species essence. This was the most challenging alienation for me to understand.What understood this to mean was Marx felt as though people should have a sense of interconnection and satisfaction within their work related environments. By working harmoniously with co-workers as opposed to being alienated from other workers.

The human spirit can be developed via he or she enjoying the benefits of having been given credit for the product and labor they helped produce. The fourth alienation is preventing workers to interact with other workers. “Capitalist system sees the labor of the worker to a commercial commodity that can be rated in the competitive labor-market” (Boundless).This means workers have been reduced to undervalued employees and there makings later sold to make a profit.

This type of alienation does not promote a healthy work environment. Also the opportunity to grow within the company is eliminated. In conclusion before reading this article I had very little knowledge that there in fact was alienation at workplaces. Although my interpretation for each of the alienation was a little unclear at first, feel as though got a better understanding once reading the material several times.