Marx The German Ideology Summary Essay

Sociology stands on the foundation established by the two of many theorists, Max Weber and Karl Marx. However, it has not endured the same over the past few years. The united States has progressed in Sociological Theory and research, for the better. In this paper I intend to compare and contrast two theorist of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Karl Marx and Max Weber have a lot of similarities and differences through capitalism, their view wrought economy, and lastly their religion.

Karl Marx was born on May 5th 181 8, in the city of Trier, Germany. Marx, as a seventeen year old, went to the University of Bonn to major in Law. While Marx was still in school he became engaged to a woman named Jenny Von Westphalia. Jenny’s father, Baron Von Westphalia, gave him ideas to research and get involved with Romantic Literature and Saint-Simian politics, not much later Marx had relocated by his own father to the University f Berlin where he studied Hegelianism influenced by Ludwig Breach and many other Hegelian.

He was so grateful for G. W. F Hassle’s dialectics and mental thought of philosophy of Law. Later on in 1841 , Marx finally earned his doctorate over the materialism and Atheism of Greek god atomics. The author claims that Marx saw civil Society as the sphere to be studied in order to understand the historical development Of human kind (European graduate school). Another important theorist was Max Weber. Born in 1864 Germany.