Karl marx communist theory Essay

It was also designed to envision a model government, whose economics would free the lower poor class from tyranny by destroying the ICC upper class. According to the Communist Manifesto, communism has ten necessary Statutes; Abolition Of private property, heavy progressive income tax, abolition of rights of inheritance, confiscation of property rights, central bank, government ownership of transportation and communication, government ownership of factories and agriculture, government control of labor, corporate farms and regional planning, and government control of education.Communist theorist envisioned lower classes rising up and over throwing their rich upper class then settling down to live in a utopian society here there would be no religion, no government, and no private ownership of anything.

These theorists felt that if there was no ownership of anything that people would not be greedy (perceptible. Com). One of the main problems of communism is that it did not understand human nature; it looks good on paper but always fails in practice. When there is no private ownership of anything and people cannot see personal benefit to working harder they usually don’t.One of the basic flaws is that the productive people are punished and the lazy people are rewarded. The basic tenet of communism is that each man should contribute according to is abilities, and receive according to his needs.

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So in reality if a society punishes workers and always rewards slackers it will fail. Another problem with communism is that government officials are not elected but they are appointed, then those that are appointed have complete control over the government and people have no say because they can choose who is appointed in the future.Also a flaw in communism is that there are no checks and balances for the government, which means that one branch of the government can overpower any other branch of the government. Another problem with communism is as an economic whole it must remain pure to itself. It cannot use any other ideas, which means it can’t blend with capitalism or socialism. In order to work it has to remain pure.

The idea of economic equal¶y’ in communism seems so great but ultimately if everyone were economically equal everyone would be poor.One Of the most important flaws that is overlooked in communism is that those that are in charge are in control of all resources and power which tends to corrupt them. It may happen in all systems of government to a degree, but in communism it is important to stay in the good grace of those who wield their power against anyone. There is a huge barrier between the few in control from the controlled masses (arbitrator. Org). One country that the communist model did not work in was the Soviet Union.The nation dissolved because the people of each Soviet Republic within Soviet Union felt they lacked representation in the union, so they began withdrawing.

Other reasons to why the Soviet Union fell were because of the economy falling drastically. The foreign trade was in downfall, the Soviet people’s standard of living is one of the lowest in the developed world, and low pay is followed by harsh living conditions. Under Reagan the UnitedStates entered the arms race known as “star wars”, this was very expensive even for the United States and when the Soviet Union tried to follow it dragged them into financial failure. Believe that the Soviet Union fell because they were trying to make everybody economically equal which lead to people being very poor. The government was run with no checks and balances which meant they had no Way to control their spending. When the Soviet Union tried to compete with the United Stated in the arms race they ran out of money and in turn this ultimately leads to complete failure of this nation.