Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto Essay

Manifesto, he discusses his belief that with all of the Industrial Revolutions, and the stray away from traditional social order and agriculture, that the governments that supporting these revolutions is surely setting themselves up for, economic, social, and political failure. He makes his point very clear that the new machines and technological advancements during this time will negatively affect the working class.

As the skilled laborers quit their trades and move to inner cities to get jobs in factories, there will surely be no one to teach or learn that trade therefore that trade becoming extinct. He also shows the bourgeois as the main reason for these new revolutions, and also how they are headed down a path toward communism. The workers will fall entrapped into their work, and after some time will feel they cannot leave nor complain Of harsh conditions or low wages, due the need to provide for their family.

Marx shows that this will short term benefit the bourgeois due to the increase demand for the goods and the low wages they are having to pay the workers, however long term this will bring them down. The reason he believes they will fall is due to workers only working to supply food and rent, therefore they wont be able to arches any of the goods being made. He states that the machines doing all of the labor work will, in time, replace workers and the bourgeois will be making products for people that have no money to buy them.

Marx states that if there is any hope for society that there must be a change back to the old ways of farming, cattle, and stopping external trade. It is the belief of Marx that if these changes aren’t made that we will also because a nation Of one people and there will no longer be many different ideas, religions, and politics, which will lead to human extinction.