Katy Utopia is a place where everything is

Katy Perry’s song, ‘Chained to the rhythm’ is listened by lots of people but there is actually a big meaning which i’m going to breakdown. Lots of people think this song is just Katy upset about Donald Trump becoming the president but i feel like there’s more to this song. There are more problems than just Donald Trump becoming the president that Katy has tried to tell us using her song, ‘Chained to the rhythm’.Firstly, from the music video the amusement park is called, ‘Oblivia’ a place for unmindful people. In the first part of the video she says, ‘we are living our lives through a lens’. She is trying to tell us that we are not seeing what is really happening in the world around us and we’re just ignoring all the problems around the world. We are all trapped in our white picket fence meaning our american lifestyle. She has said in one interview that picket means american lifestyle and white represents america. She is telling us that we are so comfortable in our own lives that we can not see all the trouble that’s happening around us. Also because she says, ‘Aren’t you lonely up there in utopia’. Utopia is a place where everything is always perfect and there aren’t any troubles.Secondly, in the music video the cotton candy is shaped like a nuclear bomb explosion which not only shows what is happening around us right now but also that we are going to lead ourselves into WW3. For example one of the wars that are happening around us right now are, the  Syria civil war, all the Isis attacks and more. The Syrian civil war has been going on for more than 6 years. As well as the Barcelona and Spain terrorist attacks that recently happened in August. Another thing I noticed that when she passes by all the likes and notifications, she is trying to tell us that social media is our new eyes. We don’t want to face the reality. In my opinion everyone posts what they are doing and they want it to look like they are having a great time and there are no worries. Unfortunately that’s not the reality. Meanwhile during the beginning of the video there is a group of people who are taking selfies because they want everyone to know that they are having a great time.Lastly, she is trying to tell us about our rights. In the music video Simon gets 9478 points while Rose only gets 17 points. Why does Simon get more points than Rose for doing the same thing? Everyone has the right to be treated equally. In fact this is what’s happening around us right now. Women aren’t being treated equally. In my opinion everyone should be treated the same way. She is basically trying to tell us that we are having fun and enjoying life till the distortion. This ignorance keeps going on and on and on and someone has to break the chain.In conclusion, you can see why this song is very important with a big meaning to our society. For the good part in the end of the music video Skip Marley tells Katy Perry that we have to connect, take of our glasses and see the real world. That’s not all, hopefully together we can make this world a better place for everyone