Kava Island Essay


            Kava island is a small island lying in the  south pacific. In the south pacific coast, we have many islands which neighbour kava island. All these islands are commonly reffered to as Paradise Islands. This is because they are  exotic tourist destinations famed all over the world. Despite all this fame,  these islands do have their problems which affect them and thus reducing their rate of growth and prosperity.  Looking at  Kava island despite its beauty, its clear that its full  of big problems and for it  to move forward, it needs to  be assisted in its reconstruction so that it may regain its lost past glory.

                   As an  employee of Homestays International & Tours Ltd,  a mover and shaker company in the tourism business, my work is to do all that am required by my employer in trying to help the island of Kava returning to the path of  recovery so that it can  attain economic growth and prosperity.

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For the island to regain all this, it first needs to identify the  problems  facing  it  and then formulating plans on how to deliver  itself out of this mess(Kiersky and Caste,1995,p. 56).

                Through my employers company head, Mr.Chris, its evident that the island of Kava has so much potential as a tourist destination and through  my company’s  tourism operations,it can  be able to assist  the island by offering it support  and promotion services so that its economy  can grow to a point whereby all the  citizens of the island  will greatly benefit. To achieve all this,our company is looking at establishing a greater presence in the island through the establishment of  a sister company . The company will operate under the name, Kava Homestays ; Tours Ltd.  The company will be marketing the island as an exotic tourist destination,offering,organising,coordinating tailor made tour packages into the country as well as offering homestays packages  whereby tourists stay in  the locals homes  and thus  experiencing cultural tourism at its best .

               This would in turn help the tourists in getting to know the locals on a personal level ,interacting with them and thus forming relationships and parnerships which can contribute  positively to the overall growth of the economy and the well being of the  people.  Despite my company’s resolve to have a pie of  the untapped tourism potential of  Kava  island, the company will have to deal with  the large and sometimes serious unavoidable problems facing it.

Due to this the company will have to adopt strategic planning so that it can be able to predict where it will be in the coming years or the future  and how it will get there.  Looking on the environmental obstacles facing the island  there  seems to be so many disaster threats which bombard the island. These disasters include, tidal waves,typhoons,tornadoes,floods,fires, volcanic eruptions among others.

                  Its clear, that all these disasters have greatly damaged the tourism industry of the island. For instance, the typhoons  do bring  beach erosion There will be need to educated  the island’s citizens on how to  build homes and business  centres away from the beach so as to evade being struck by the typhoons, tornadoes among other disasters. On the side of buildings, there is need  for the people to be made aware on the adoption of excellent building plans  which will in turn help the people  in building strong and long lasting buildings which can withstand the destructive forces brought about by the disasters.

            More to  that,  there is the need for  construction of storm shelters which can protect the  islanders from the raging disasters .  This  will in turn bring a positive image of the  island  to the international markets and thus  tourists travels  into the island would increase bringing a lot of revenue to the island. During the time of disasters  its also clear that  people find it difficult to meet  their basic needs which include,food,water and clothing. This sometimes results in death of people  due to hunger, cold or lack of treatment to the injuries sustained or  diseases outbreak.

To avoid these outcomes,there is need for the company to come together with other companies as well as to work together with the government in  designing disaster management programs which can be adopted during disasters and thereby overcoming problems like looting which usually occur during these trying and stressing moments.

                    For the island to overcome all these disasters, the island’s  government needs to work hand in hand with all the stakeholders involved in the tourism industry and this calls for all the stakeholders to act  together as  one team, each  side having its own roles  to play and which must be carried out with care and expertise they deserve . As an employee of  Homestays International & Tours Ltd, its my proposal that  the company  addresses the many issues facing the island so that the people of Kava  island  benefit as well as  the company’s .

                   Above fifty percent of the islands people are under the age of fifteen  years and this will dearly affect the  operations of Kava Homestays ; Tours Ltd in the sense that there  will be a reduced number of potential employees to work for the company.  This means that the company will have to develop recruitment plans which will enable the company to have the right staff to work for it.

In addition, there is need for the company  to have staff from different backgrounds of the island.  This would ensure a good  working and harmonious  environment(Barry 15).

For the company to achieve all that it has planned to do,it will have to make serious decisions  bearing in mind that these decisions will be influenced by many factors.  This shows that the company’s top  management will  be required to have good decision- making skills which will greatly assist in decision making of the company.

                 The decision- making process is more important in a company  for  it greatly influences the manner in which the company operates  or   runs. There also must be excellent leadership skills in  the company’s top management  personnel so that  the company can  carry its affairs  smoothly even in times of difficult  (Langdon,2006, p. 28).

For the company to have a greater presence in the island ,it will need to an effective  organisational structure that looks at all the aspects in the running of the company.

These aspects include,marketing,finance,technology,human resources,transportation,strategic planning among other things. In addition, there will be need for the company to have  a business charter that defines,and  explains all the busines rules, policies and regulations  that  will have to be followed for the good of the company.

                   The company will also be required to have a corporate social responsibilty program which will look into the various problems affecting the people of Kava Island and thus offering a helping hand to the less fortunate.  For instance, the company can help the in the creation of HIV/AIDS awareness.

Another problem the company will have  to face is terrorism. All over the world, terrorism destabilises countries through its destructive nature characterized by death of human beings,damage of property  and for the island to take control over its growth and future,it must reign over terrorism. This will require the company to work with the islands government so as to protect its business operations as well as assisting the government in combating terrorism through exchange of ideas and information.

                  The island also depends on the sales of petroleum,coffee,spices,bananas among other commodities and thus the company has the task of helping the island to market it produce  to the international market. This will greatly make the country increase its wealth as it will not be depending on tourism alone. This will greatly make the country increase its wealth as it will not be depending on tourism alone but on other sectors as well.

On the side of petroleum products, the island will have to work hand in hand with other company’s so as to to stop the continuous leakage of dangerous chemicals into the land,sea and air thereby reducing pollution of the environment.

Its clear that the company will have to make serious decisions which will be influenced by many factors but above all ,all these decisions will greatly help the company management to run the affairs of the company’s  smoothly.

Through growth and developments of the islands tourism industry,its clear that the infrastructure of the island will greatly improve,as well as its people getting jobs and also creating a lot of wealth through setting up of businesses among other things.

              Having looked at the above recommendations,its clear that the island of Kava  has many problems but that does not mean  that it cannot get out  of them.All in all this can only be realized through proper planning, formulation and setting  of  objectives and  carefully executing them in the right way so that the island can come out of its myriad problems. At the end of it all, Kava Homestays; Tours Ltd will have clearly assisted the island in its ambition to be a strong,stable,prosperous and Independent Island.


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