Kazimir heworked at Fedor Regber studioand in 1911

Kazimir Malevich was aRussian artist and theoretician,born February 23, 1878, in KievUkraine of The Russian Empirelater The Soviet Union. He was apioneer In Geometric art and alsothe founder of the Suprematismmovement along with 13other artists, the Suprematismmovement which officially beganin 1913 but started in 1915, lastedup until the late 1920s (1927)and this movement was focusedon the basic geometric forms ofshapes like circles, squares, linesand rectangles that are painted in alimited range of colors.Kazimir Malevich was ason to a polish family, having 14siblings out of which 9 survived.Him and his Family wheredevoted Roman Catholics, thoughlater in life he recognized himselfas a Christian. Up until the age of12 he had no idea of professionalart, but he did paint wheneverhe could in the Peasant Style,meaning painting walls and stovesall throughout Ukrainian houses.From 1896 to 1904Kazimir lived in Kursk up untilthe point his father died, andin that same year he moved toMoscow where he attended TheMoscow School of Painting,Sculpture and Architecture from1904 to 1910. From there heworked at Fedor Regber studioand in 1911 he participated inthe second exhibition of SoyuzMolodyoshi (society of youngpeople/ republic), where he madehis debut as an artist.Malevich began hismovement of Suprematism with the publish ofhis manifesto “From Cubism to Suprematism.”After this, he took part in The Jack of Diamondsexhibition in Moscow Russia 1915, Wherehe presented his first, and one of his mostfamous works, The Black Square. After thisevent, the movement of Suprematism reallybegan. Besides his Black Square paintingMalevich also has several paintingsthat are not only cognized inRussian but are knownworldwide, someexamples are; TheStudy forD├ęcor ofVictoryOver theSun, WhiteSquare on White, TheSuprematism Painting, andEight Red Rectangles.Kazimir Malevich’s Movementof Suprematism had huge internationalrecognition and influence. After the OctoberRevolution of Russia (1917) Malevich’spopularity began to increase. In 1918, he becamea member of the Collegium on the Arts ofNarkompros, and from 1919 to 1922 he taught atthe Vitebsk Practical Art School in Belarus. Thenmoving on from there he taught at the LeningradAcademy of Arts from 1922 to 1927. In 1927Malevich was given a hero’s welcome in Warsawfrom there he visited Berlin and Munich wherehis international fame increased even more, hispassion and dedication lead to the creationof a new movement know as theUnism, but sadly his involvementdid not last long. On May15, 1935 Malevich diedat the age of 55due to cancer.KazimirMalevichwas a Painter andTheoretician that wentfrom the first of 14 children, toa world-renowned artist, he not onlycreated interesting geometric art but wasthe founder of The Suprematism movement.