Keeping Your Diet When You Are Taking Your Vacation in a Cruise Essay

Keeping Your Diet When You Are Taking Your Vacation in a Cruise

            Holidays and vacation are a time when people get to enjoy and forget everything about work, school, problems, and stress in life. People resort to different activities during vacations and holidays and a lot would normally go for a trip to different places or take a vacation cruise. On the other hand, these people tend to forget their diet and risk the factor of gaining weight. Are you one of those people who forget and have a “time out” on their diet, or are you one of those people who are still very conscious about what they eat even when on vacation?  How can people still be healthy and maintain diet when they are in vacation especially in a cruise? It sounds very difficult and impossible, but there are actually ways and tips on how to maintain and keep your diet even when you are in your leisure time.

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            A vacation cruise would normally go for a week or two depending on how many days are in the package or the preference of the vacationers. One would normally get excited, and it is always the food that people look forward to when they are in vacation cruise. In a cruise ship, they serve a variety of foods and cuisine, depending on the preference of the guests. There are buffets, fine dining restaurants, fast food chains, food stores, and bars that people can go to when they feel hungry or just want to enjoy the pleasure of eating. Buffets are one of the most favorite places that guests usually spend time in, starting from soup, appetizers, salads, main course, and desserts. Buffets will always be full of people lining up and waiting for their turns to get and eat as much as they want. During breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even in between meals or snacks, people will definitely look for something to munch and enjoy eating. Even at night, people, especially adults will surely hit the disco bars and clubs  inside the cruise ship and enjoy the delight of drinking cocktails, beers, and appetizers until they get tired and call it a night. Lifestyle of most of the adult guests in the cruise ship would usually go one like this for the rest of their vacation: having fun and forgetting everything, even their diet (Burbank, 2008).

            On the other hand, the cruise ship’s facilities have a lot of recreational activities that enjoyable and at the same time beneficial for the health and body. Nowadays, every ship has facilities such as gym, swimming pools, jogging/walking track, a basketball/volleyball court, a baseball batting cage, and a golf driving net. The ship also has spa facilities where guests can relax and have fun through the different therapies it offers (Travel Editors, 2002). Guests can always try to spend 30 minutes to an hour workout in the gym such as running in the thread mill. Morning exercise would be helpful also to lose all the extra calories and weight that one just gained from the previous days and stay in the ship. There are also some cruise ships which offer different activity classes such as yoga class or some dance class that guests can try, although some require a minimal amount of fee. Nevertheless, it would be very beneficial for them since they can lose weight and maintain a healthy diet and figure even though they are on vacation. Trying the mentioned exercise facilities will only take few extra hours that they can spare during the number of days they would be staying in the cruise. In this case, they can still be careful and conscious with their diet and health (Thomson, 2008).

            Different international cuisines are offered in vacation cruises. They serve Western, Italian, French, Mexican, Chinese, and other Asian foods superbly. Some have sushi bars, and, as mentioned before, different buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and other variety of food choices the guests can dig in. Vacation cruises serve salads, fruits, and vegetables as well, and if the guest is a vegetarian or health conscious and in a low calorie diet, they can always request for a special diet meal, but they should advise the ship ahead of time so the staff can prepare for it. A variety of foods is served differently everyday so that guests can enjoy and try different kinds of food and cooking (Thomson, 2008). Even after dinner or midnight, snacks are also served in a cruise. One can enjoy a sandwich or a light meal, while night bars and some 24 hours open restaurants also offer several types of food to nibble on while staying awake and alive all night. There are a wide range of different foods to choose in a cruise ship, and this is one reason why people enjoy and choose to be in a cruise rather than doing something else on their holiday vacation (O’Neil, 2007).

            Maintaining a healthy body weight is always a problem for people especially when they are on vacation or in a cruise. It is difficult to keep track of what they eat since having fun and relaxing are the main purposes of the vacation. Hence, people do not want to think of something else but to enjoy, have a blast, and make the most out their vacation. However, there are still ways on how to maintain a good diet and at the same time not spoil the vacation. These simple ways include allotting time for exercising, like 30 minutes or an hour exercise in the fitness center, running in the thread mill, or jogging in the jog/walk track, swimming, and other kinds of exercises mentioned above. Other simple ways of keeping oneself physically fit and healthy in the ship is by using the stairs instead of elevators or escalators inside the cruise. When eating, it would probably help to keep a good diet if one will just try to eat something different that is not what they normally eat, including burgers, potatoes, fries, pizza, and bread. It is one way to skip a heavy carbohydrates diet and at the same time learn and discover cuisines and foods (Diet and Weight Loss, 2008).

Lastly people can maintain a healthy body and not gain weight if they plan ahead on what they are going to eat, and only if they will be very careful in choosing their meal everyday. Wise decision making is very essential, and it will also help them keep a healthy and physically fit physique (Thomson, 2008).

            In conclusion, there are various ways and methods to prevent oneself from gaining weight even when the person is on vacation. First important factor is the discipline of a person. If one can control his or her eating habits, then it would be very easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. It is also advisable to eat lots of fruits and vegetables since these can also fill an empty stomach, instead of eating high calorie food and drink plenty of fluids like water and fruit juices. The second important factor is having a plan of action like working out or exercising everyday. This will keep one’s body in a good physical condition because one reason why people gain weight is they lack of physical activities that burn calories and fat intake. Third, while on vacation, people should consider their diet since they can get tempted to eat all they want and anything without thinking the effect of their action, leading them to gain a lot of weight in a matter of just several days. Last, people should be conscious and aware of what they eat since they can eat something that contains a huge amount of calories or that will make them gain weight fast. Especially when dining in an unfamiliar cuisine, one should know the calorie content and the ingredients of the food that they are eating in order for them to know if they are just eating right. They can ask the chef or the server about the nutritional details, or they can make a request from the chef that they are watching their diet so the one who will prepare the food will know what to put and what not to in your food (Diet and Weight Loss, 2008).

            Going on a cruise on vacation holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, and school break is an exciting event. However, while vacation on a cruise may be fun and relaxing, people should still watch their diet and be conscious on what they eat. Maintaining a healthy diet while on vacation is a very serious challenge for somebody. One should just be disciplined and conscious on living and having a healthy diet during their leisure time. They can have fun, relax, and forget all the hassles in life. At the same time, they should keep a healthy lifestyle and make their body healthy and physically fit.


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