Key case studies: Buddhism, Islam & Hinduism.Holy

Key Issue 3: Why Do Religions Organize Space in Distinctive Patterns?Pages 200-211In what two ways do religious structures often stand out in a landscape?Tallest and most elaborateFor what two reasons does a church, the physical structure, play a more critical role than in other religions?It is an expression of the religious principles and the gods belief of the churchWhy do many Christian churches vary in architectural style?they may have multiple different denominations How is a Muslim mosque viewed differently than a Christian church?It is not a sanctified place of worshipIdentify four specific, visible features of a typical mosque.1. Central courtyard2. Open air3. Pulpit facing Makkah4. CLoisterWhat is the religious purpose of a Buddhist pagoda?Contain relics of BuddhaHow was pilgrimage a part of the development of pagodas?Pagodas built to house relics brought from a different locations (A variation of diffusion)Formal worship in a pagoda is not typical.  Where does it usually take place?an adjacent temple, remote monastery, or in a homeWhat is a pilgrimage?When you go on a journey for religious purposeRead the section about Holy Places and make notes on three case studies:  Buddhism, Islam & Hinduism.Holy SitesBuddhisttemples IslamicmoscsHindutemples How are Hindu temples different than both churches and mosques?Temples are built to house shrines for particular gods rather than for congregational worship. The temple are homes to the gods and may have more than one living in them. A god can have multiple temples.List three typical visible features of a Hindu temple.1. Small dimly lit interior room housing artifact.2. Structure for caretaker3. Pool for ritual bathsGive at least three examples of how religions have incorporated characteristics of cosmogony. Chinese ethnic religions like Taoism and Confucianism believe in yin and yang. religions like Christianity and Islam believe that God created the universe. A person can serve Him by making use of the natural environment. Earth was given to humanity by God to finish the task of creation.What is the solstice?An event of special significance to a religionChristian practice burial of the dead.  Complete the flowchart below to indicate the history of this practice.In Rome, Christians were buried in catacombs.?After Christianity became legal, buried on church grounds.?After overcrowding, separate burial grounds were established outside the city walls.Complete the chart below with brief notes on the disposal of the dead in ways other than burial.HindusCremation practices Parsisexposes the dead to scavenger birds Micronesiasend their dead off to sea Complete the chart below with brief notes on the religious settlements indicated.Utopian Settlementsan ideal community built around a religious way of lifeSalt Lake City, Utahthis state and surrounding ones are home to many Mormons (LDS).PuritansProtestant denomination. Liked clustered settlements instead of being dispersed.Complete the chart below regarding religious calendars.What is the most prominent feature of the calendar in an ethnic religion?What is the principle purpose of the calendar in a universalizing religion?changes holidays each yearKeeps holidays same time each year regarding on seasonHow is the Jewish calendar typical of the ethnic use of the calendar?It is based around agricultureBoth the Jewish and the Muslims use a lunar calendar, yet in a different way and with very different results.  Explain.inserts extra month every few years so holidays fall at the same timeHow is the date of Easter related to physical geography (the natural world) through the calendar?Relates to agricultural cycle as a joyous time of harvest in southern EuropeWhy do different Christian branches celebrate Easter on different days?Protestants and catholics celebrate by the gregorian calendarHow is this similar to Buddhism’s major holidays?Varies on locationDefine hierarchical religion:A religion with well defined geographic structure, and organizes territory into local administrative unitsList the Roman Catholic hierarchy, indicating geographic region and leader who heads it.World/Rome: PopeProvinces: ArchbishopsDiocese: BishopsParishes: PriestWhy are parishes in Latin America so much larger than in Europe?Lower population density in Latin America so much larger than EuropeDescribe an autonomous religion:It is religion without a central authority, but shares ideas , and cooperates informally In the absence of a hierarchy, what is the only formal organization of territory in Islam?It is religious territory with secular statesWhat holds Islam together?Islamic doctrineComplete the chart below to categorize other religions and denominations.Autonomous ReligionsHierarchical ReligionsBaptist, United Church of Christ, Judaism, and HinduismRoman Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, and MethodistKey Issue 4: Why Do Territorial Conflicts Arise Among Religious Groups?Pages 212-221In what ways did the Taliban government of Afghanistan raise conflicts with Western/modern ideas after it took control of the country in 1996?the taliban imposed very strict laws inspired by islamic values as they interpreted themWhat aspect of Hinduism has clashed with Western/modern ideas?The caste systemWhat western groups criticized this aspect?  Why?British administrators and missionaries criticized because of how rigid the system was.How has the Indian government responded to this issue?it became more relaxed In Russia/Soviet Union, how did each of the following attempt to limit the influence of religion, specifically the Eastern Orthodox Church?Czar Peter the Great:Czar Peter the Great: He made the Russian Orthodox Church a part of the Russian government.Communism: Pursued anti-religious programs. Marxism became the official doctrine of the Soviet Union.What happened, and is continuing to happen, in each of the following regions of the Russian Empire/Soviet Union since the fall of Communism in the 1990s?  Complete the chart below by adding THREE more countries to each category and then describing what is going on at the present time in that region.Historic Catholic RegionsHistoric Muslim RegionsCroatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, …Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, …Currently…orthodox churches are made official Currently…Anti religious programs How was the Vietnam War detrimental to Buddhism in Southeast Asia?The air bombing destroyed buddhist templesHow were Communist regimes detrimental to Buddhism in Southeast Asia?They did not allow religious activitiesDefine fundamentalism (You may have to look this up)belief in the strict, literal interpretation.What are two religious groups in conflict in Ireland?Protestant and Roman CatholicWhere are the majority of these groups located?Protestants in NorthRoman Catholic in SouthWhat three religions are in constant conflict over the land in the Middle East?Judaism, Islam, ChristianityWhat was the military campaign by the Christians to recapture their Holy Land from the Muslims?The crusadesComplete the chart below regarding the perspective on the Holy Land.Palestinian PerspectiveIsraeli PerspectiveThey were kicked out of their homeland.They are struggling for power.It was their holy landComplete the chart below regarding JerusalemJudaism’s JerusalemIslam’s Jerusalembelieved the land belonged to them thought it was their holy land and must remain there forever