Key Components of American Values Essay

There are many values of American culture; three common ones that come to mind are freedom of religion, education, and family.

The freedom to choose what religion you believe in or the career you want. Also to be able to choose what college you want to attend or what major you want to select. To be able to have the freedom to choose what religion you believe in is something society doesn’t think of every day. A lot of countries don’t have that value; to choose their religion like the American culture does. It is important to the American culture because they have the option to believe what they what to believe.Another common value is education. Americans can choose what college they want to attend and how long they want to go there. They can choose what specific classes they want or what major they select.

Education is an important value in America because without it you would not be able to hold a job; which is needed to survive in American culture. Then there is family,” the main purpose of the American family is to bring about the happiness of each individual family member. ”(Grouling, n. d) Society can decide how they want to raise their family or how many children they want.If they want to have ten girls and ten boys they can do so; unlike other countries. The conflicts with this value are things like, in this society it is “natural” for children to argue with adults. Children grow up doing what they learn, if they are in a home with an abusive parent, they might follow in that parents footsteps. All in all the common values listed above are just a few in American culture.

American culture is full of values both good and bad, but all of the values are what makes our society different.