Key performance out of all their employees

Key resources are the elements needed for a business or organisation model to function properly, according to Weaver 1998 he describes key resources in terms of physical, human, and financial. Physical resource are man-made things, depending on the business these resources are available to use on a daily basis in the company this might be machines, vehicles, buildings, equipment, or products. Human resource focuses on the company’s employees relating to recruitment, training, performance management, payroll administration, and company’s policies. They ensure that the company has the right employees for the job at a minimum cost and well-being of the employees in the company.  Financial resource is the money available in the business in order for it to function properly, this might be cash balances, loans, bank overdraft, shareholders capital, and salaries. (Ecommerce digest, 2017)  Human Resources Employees are an essential in Primark as they play a major role in the profitability of the company as they’re responsible for the day to day operations such as customer service, stocking shelves, merchandising and customers assistant. Human resources enable the company to meet a number of objectives regarding employee relation in recruiting, training and the company’s structure. They identify talented candidates to fit positions using clear job description and hire those with the relevant qualifications and skills in the sector. They want to get the best performance out of all their employees by training/coaching all new and current employees. They monitor individual’s performance to ensure that employees are motivated and working effectively to complete their duties.  Financial  Money is the important key to the business because it’s the enabler to all the business’s opportunities, Primark generates profit from the sales of their products and service they provide this enables the company’s cash flow and it promotes the company’s growth and sustainability. In return, there are enough funds available for the organisation’s financial needs such as paying salaries, shareholders, premises, investors, and creditors. Physical  Primark relies on their premises in the ability to sell their products, generate profit and the development of the organisation. Primark uses buildings, facilities and equipment this are the stores, stocking shelves, lifts, escalators, tills and baskets/trolleys. They make sure that all their stores are located in the centre of the city so that they are accessible to the public and customers can shop locally. They use the tills, this enables them to scan and check out customers who are buying their products and make a profit.  They designed all their buildings to accompany their employees so they can work in a safe environment and customers can shop without obstacles for example customers with pushchairs or in wheelchairs can use lifts or escalators to go upper floors of the stores. They want everyone to be able to work or shop without any hassles.