Kilbourne Summary Essay

She states that men and especially women are misrepresented as sex symbols in the media. Furthermore, women are chara cterized as subordinate as to men.

For instance, she says, “The woman is rewarded for h er sexuality by the man’s wealth. ” Media advertising has chosen to appeal to either women or m n specifically for a long time.In one ad she explains how a tie company advertises ties by seeing them laid In a messed up bed, as if indicating that this brand of tie will help you get laid. This also sends out a mixed message to men that a tie will actually help them score with women. In another advertisement, a man is standing over a woman while the women is saying “n o” but laughing or possibly screaming. Jean explains how men do not take “no” for an answer; an dea that she believes is the cause for many rapes.

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In Europe, advertisements show men attacking women, supposedly because s he is wearing a specific pair of jeans. Other acts of violence towards women are us ed. They even get to the point where women look purposely submissive and sexually inviting. S uch tactics are still used today, even going so far as to encourage young women to tease and act obedient.