Killings by Andre Dubus Essay

TABLE OF CONTENTS RS 300 Foundation of Ethics: Morality and Justice FALL SEMESTER Introductory information Mission Statement Letter to Juniors Resources Revision of two Creation of 2 Directions: What is an Ethical Question / Levels of Questions/IPN5 Think-Pair-Share/Active Listening Directives6 Classroom Activities: The Jigsaw/Fishbowl Directives7 Accessing on-line resources8-9 Some Help in Analyzing Moral Questions10 Unit I:What is Morality? 1. Killings: Short Story [Dubus]11-20 2. Address to Colgate University [Brown]21-23 Issues of Life & Death a Struggle For Secular Society [Ryan]24-25 Brain Stretch Defining Morality26

Ethics and Morality Quotes [Josephson Institute]27 3. Building Your Own Conscience [O’Malley, S. J. ]28-32 Controversial Heart Transplant [Podger]33 Unit II:Character, Conscience and Virtue 4. Character vs. Personality34 Three Levels of Character35 “Shawshank Redemption” Movie Questions36-41 Conscience Definitions42 5. Building Your Own Conscience [O’Malley, S. J. ]43-45 Unit III:The Gospel of Life 6. The Seamless Garment: The Call of a Consistent Ethic of Life [Scullion, OFM] 48-5 7. A Consistent Ethic of Life: Continuing the Dialogue [Bernadin]51-56 My Views and My Parents’ Views Worksheet57

Getting In Touch With Values: Worksheet58 8. Made in His Image [USCCB]59 8. Is the Fetus a Person [Coleman, SS]60 9. Killing the Killer [Coleman, SS]61 10. Shouldn’t a Society That Endorses Executions Watch Them? [Sullivan]62-65 End of Revenge [Salter]66-67 Unit IV:Morality and Sexuality What is Sexuality? 68 11. A Spirituality of Sexuality [Rolheiser, OMI]69-79 12. Passion and Purity [Rolheiser, OMI]80-83 ?The Road Less Traveled [Peck]84-90 Revision? Date Rape: The Unspoken Reality [Nedeau]91-93 Revision? A Story to Learn From [Caring Friend]94 Revision?

Date Rape at Saint Ignatius [Matranga]95 13. What Advertising Does to Us [Josephson]96-102 14. A Conspiracy Against Interiority [Rolheiser, OMI]103-104 SPRING SEMESTER Unit V:What is Justice? Prayer [Romero]105 The Good Samaritan106 A Prayer for Justice [Mother Teresa]107 Admissions Simulation108 American & Biblical Notions of Justice109 Game of Life110 Justice Verses Equality: Worksheet111-112 WSSocial/Moral Issues Worksheet: Agree/Disagree Worksheet113 The Limits of Charity [Hilfinker]114-117 In Defense of Band-Aids [Loring]118-120 Bono’s Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast121-125

Because We Are Catholic [Burghardt, S. J. ]126-128 16. Call to a Community of Compassion [Privett, S. J. ]129-130 17. Blueprint for Social Justice [Quigley]131-136 Romero Romero Movie Questions137-140 18. Remembering Romero: Lessons in Spiritual Activism141-144 19. In the Midst of Death, Fr. Jon Sobrino Finds Life 145-148 The Man in the Well [Sher]149-152 Unit VI:To Create An Enemy Working Vocabulary for Civil Rights153-154 Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Race [Adelman]155 Racism is Present in Church [Hughes]156-158 20Indivisible Man [Casares]159-161

Love in the Midst of Babylon & Worksheet [Risher]162-166 Disputed Questions [Merton]167 The Triumph of Evil: Frontline-Rwanda Worksheet168 Assessing and Defining Responsibility: Rwanda169 21 The Voice of Those Who Sing [Boyle, SJ]170-178 Unit VII:And Justice Requires…. Newcomers by Numbers [Quindlen]179 Myths About Immigration [USCCB]180-184 The Ecological Crisis: A Common Responsibility [John Paul II]185-191 Catholic Social Teaching & Environmental Ethics [USCCB]192-196 Reflections on Poverty and Climate Change [Schori]197-198 We Are What We Eat [Pollan]199

Mmmm, Tasty Chemicals [Underwood]200 The Oil in Your Oatmeal [Heeter]201-203 The Real Cost of Bottled Water [Blumenfeld & Leal]204 Flushing Water and Money Down the Drain [Gleick]205 Solar Rises Over Fog City [Kilduff]206-208 How to Design a Healthier Planet [Adler]209-212 An Un-American Activity [Jenkins]213-216 President Obama’s Remarks at the University of Notre Dame 217-221 The Activist Life: Antidote to Despair [Salter]222-223 Glossary