Kindred Essay

Kindred            Rufus manages to imitate his father’s behavior on the book Kindred by Octavia Butler. His father works as a slave master and this made him a stricter individual. Rufus looked upon his father as someone who always demonstrates violence. Although the two has many similarities, Rufus is viewed better by Dana as compared to his father.

The negativity of Tom was imitated by Rufus when it was his turn to manage the plantation. After his father died, he also whips and sells slaves although it is not the right way of treating them. He even attempted to rape one of the slaves.

He just followed the foot steps of his father but with some exemptions. He can relate with the feelings of other slaves because he does things that could lessen their burden.His father continuously sell slaves to support their living and maintain a lifestyle while Rufus on the other hand is not primarily responsible for selling out slaves because the sale was already made before his turn in handling the plantation. Tom is totally brutal and has no respect for other humans while Rufus shows some good and humane qualities. Rufus is more decent and composed than his father. He only does unjust things because of his bad childhood experiences which were carried over until he grew up.Rufus is considered to be better in the eyes of Dana. She was able to forgive him because Rufus is just a victim of circumstances.

He is trapped between his feelings of behavior, fear and anger. This made her accept Rufus only as her brother, friend or ancestor. She still set a limit for Rufus because she will not look upon him as a master nor a lover.Reference:Butler, O. (1979).

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