Kite Runner ( Is Amir An likable Character) Essay

Although his sins are indeed grievous, Emir nevertheless remains likable because he ultimately has a strong moral omniscience; he seeks redemption and he endures intense suffering In order to right his wrongs. Emir’s conscience torments him because he has a clear sense Of what is right and wrong. After leaving Kabul, Emir continuously has nightmares about Hosannas. “I woke up with a scream trapped in my throat’ (Hostess 252). Later, Emir has a recreation of Hessian’s moments. This indicates that he is human because he experiences guilt and shame about his past.

Furthermore, Emir sees himself as less than perfect. For example, he marries a woman with a tainted past. In the past, before meeting Emir, Sorry had run away with an Afghan and disgraced her family, but Emir loves her any. Way. This illustrates that Emir accepts flaws in other people because he knows that he is himself emotionally imperfect. Although, he has a strong conscience, he really tries to redeem himself for what he has done in the past concerning Hosannas. Emir seeks redemption at all costs because he humbly recognizes his mistakes.

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First of all, he decides to return to Kabul to rescue Sahara, Hessian’s son. So doing, he faces Asset, who is now a leader of the Taliban and the pedophilia owner of Sahara. “His name rose from the deep and I didn’t want to say it… UT he was already here, in the flesh, sitting less than ten feet from me, after all these years. His name escaped my lips: “Safes’ (Hostess 295). In facing Asset Emir demonstrates the degree and intensity of his desire which really outweighs his own safety.

Eventually, because of all his sadness and suffering, Sahara tries to commit suicide, but Emir saves him and wants to be responsible for his care. “Sahara is a gifted little boy. We can give him a new life here, new home, with people who would love him” (Hostess). In this way, Emir is redeeming himself from his mistakes which he committed in the past. Not only does he seek redemption, but also willing physically suffers for his sins. Emir undergoes physical and emotional pain throughout the novel. He is very devastated about his past and is unable to get it out of his mind.

His guilt is so deep that he tells Sorry that he cannot even explain his past to her. He actually seeks physical suffering to atone for his sins. The fact that Emir returns to Kabul, shows his depth of his commitment to repair for his past errors. First Of all, Emir takes a risk and fights Asset “I don’t know at what point I started laughing, but did. It hurt to laugh, hurt my jaws, my ribs, my throat. But was laughing and laughing. And the harder I laughed, the harder he kicked me, punched, scratched me” (Hostess 302).

Emir starts laughing because he believes that he needs to be punished for the mistakes he committed. Therefore, when Safes is beating him up, he feels good because the torture serves as an atonement. In conclusion, in the novel The Kite Runner, the character Emir reveals his guilt- ridden conscience, his desire for redemption for his sins, and his resulting acceptance of pain. Because these difficulties are all basic to the human experience, Emir’s honesty in these areas make him easy to identify with, and therefore likable.