Knowing the Different Kind of Barbecue Grills

There are literally hundreds of barbecue grills in the market. In fact, some manufacturers launch new models every month to provide the consumers better options.

To remain competitive, they have to come up with new features and new technology. Still, whatever new features barbecue grills have right now, everything still comes down to the basic features when buying one.Materials used A barbecue grill can be made of different kinds of materials. Some are made of stainless steel while others are just made from cast aluminum, cast iron or sheet metal. Of course, barbecue grills that are stainless steel are more expensive and vastly preferred not only at home but also in industrial settings. You should however be careful in buying stainless steel barbecue grills as some brands have models that have painted steel frames that are prone to rusting. If you are going to buy a stainless steel barbecue grill, make sure that all of its parts are stainless.

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Otherwise, you will not get your money’s worth. Fuel usedBarbecue grills also differ on the “fuel” that it uses. There are gas grills, electric grills and of course the most basic, the charcoal grills. Gas grills is perhaps the most common one these days because of its competitive price range and of course convenience. It runs either in natural gas or in propane. If you decide on buying a barbecue gas grill, make sure that you have a big space waiting. Barbecue gas grills requires a lot of space.

Another thing is that it cannot be placed so near other appliances and structures in the house for safety reasons. But what is great about gas grills is that you will cook your barbecue faster compared to other types. Charcoal grills, on the other hand, are for the people who still want the feel of traditional barbecuing. Charcoal gives better flavor to the meat perhaps because there is less oil used but unlike gas grills, it will take you a really long time before you can set it up, get the fire going and cook the barbecue. In fact, it will tale about 20 to 30 minutes just to set the fire. Another disadvantage is that charcoal grills can’t be turned off at your will. This is why, all the meat that will be barbecued should be cooked already as starting another fire for another round of cooking can take a long long time. Still, this is still quite ideal during parties and get together where people just want to relax while cooking barbecues.

 Although charcoal grills are cheaper than gas grills, make sure that you include in your computation the fuels that you use. If you grill all the time, it is better if you get a gas grill instead as frequent charcoal grilling of one or two barbecue items can cost you a lot more.