Knowledge is the Beginning Essay

Knowledge is the Beginning

Knowledge is the beginning is the movie based on the Music Orchestra of West-Eastern Divan. The movie has been made in the Israel and Palestine who are majority areas of Jews and Muslims respectively. This movie outlines the lives of students who are taking part in learning orchestra music and how they come close to each other regardless of what there differences has been for a long time.

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The movie clearly reveals the facts that the people of both the religions have clashes over territories and on various religious beliefs. Followers of both the religions are isolated from each other, even they have spent much time together they still doesn’t know much about each other. The isolation reveals no contact between two religions so the differences are quite clearly generated over the passage of time.

This movie allows us to look deeply into the issues of the Arab world and how people of both the religions want to accept the reality and move forward with the other being an important one.

We all know what is happening in the Western Arab areas. Politically speaking both the countries, Israel and Palestine are opposite to each other. This results in a deep gap between the people of two sides. Culturally speaking Israel has been able to enjoy its culture in a safe environment whereas the people of Palestine have seen a great fall in their lives. On one hand when people look to come close the wall that has been built by their forefathers come into their way.

This music learning orchestra builds a friendly environment where the students from both the cultures and backgrounds are forced to work together, the good of both of them helps them to complete their tasks more professionally and accurately. This friendly situation can be seen quite clearly in the movie when the students are playing football. The students were also keen in getting to the culture of the other student. Islamic Arabic culture has different ways to live a life and the Jews were looking to learn them as well as the Palestinian Muslim. The help that comes from the teachers was the innovative idea that realized the students that sometimes their personal differences are less important than the task they have been provided to achieve.

The movie also outlines the different emotional scenes in the movie. Different moods state different statures of students. This all become involved the love that was developed between the students. They were living their lives free from all the evils and with freedom. They never care for what was going on out of their school.

The war of independence has been going on for a long time now. This war doesn’t allow making, Palestinian Muslim especially, to live their lives as they require. The political differences never allow them to overcome their differences. This movie shows how the politics of both the countries is ruining the lives of their citizens and religions.

It has happened in the past when we observed that differences between Blacks and Whites were far apart. Sometimes it was the sports combinations that realized each of them the importance of the other. To achieve the good results, the good team work has been the key and that has been put forward in this movie.

The movie is not a simple movie. It is the movie which made us realize that the people of both the religions and countries don’t want to fight anymore. They may have battlegrounds still continuing at various places, but sometimes the war is not the answer. The music classes allowed the students to come close to each other. This made them to realize their mistakes and how they can be made right. This allowed them to learn about the opposite culture. They gave respect to the others and in return they got respect as well. On the whole it was quite a good ending letting the political people of both the countries know that there is another possible solution which can heal all the previous wounds and provides a good prospective future for all the Arab people of every religion. And that’s what Islam teaches to let allow everyone to live like his religion. There is no arguing in this fact that the movie opened the eyes of the ones who are responsible to take actions.

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