Knowledge Management Initiatives For The World Bank Group Essay

Executive Summary

This study discusses the jobs and issues sing the execution of a cognition direction system in World Bank. The first portion summarizes the instance survey of placing the jobs whilst 2nd portion highlights the techniques which needed to be adopted in order to get the better of these jobs whilst presenting a cognition direction system with security characteristics and do certain the investing is decently invested. World Bank does undertakings with long term undertakings that would wholly reshape a state ‘s future. Different undertakings need different attacks. Most of the undertaking requires big sums of capital allocated to be spread over a long term period. Finally there are two concerns which need to be done Quantitative and Qualitative factors.

These are non commercial undertaking to anticipate a net income value, but they are all community related undertakings which is done with the chief purpose to elate a society so the chief concern is whether the money invested in these undertakings have clearly achieved their marks. The debut of cognition direction needs to back up these aims, where the study discusses the issues related to presenting cognition direction.As the above diagram illustrates the cognition direction is a uninterrupted country where the above rhythm needs to go on in order to the efficient public presentation of the organisation.Adopted from [ Third Edition Managing Information Systems Managing pg 434 ]

The Implementation of a Knowledge Management System for the World Bank Group

World Bank Group and the demand for a Knowledge Sharing System

World Bank started in June 1946, with an authorised portion capital $ 12 billion US $ to assist the universe economic system with the chief purpose to advance economic system growing, construct substructure, promote wellness and instruction in the underdeveloped states. During the 1970s and 1980s the Bank was criticized as a representative of US, and advancing US policies through the Bank ‘s Policies. These allegations were the first ground for the Bank to originate a planetary common Knowledge Management System in order to follow a common concern pattern and a bank policy across the universe. The first enterprise of Knowledge Management was started by Stephen Denning with several other cardinal people and there was uninterrupted research where the Bank usually has spent about $ 50 million US $ between 1997-2000.

The bank financess for so many development undertakings across the universe, but the bank realized these funded undertakings did non give 100 % success as to the geographic location and the hold in the communicating procedure. Most of the determinations were taken in Washington DC where the Head Office and cardinal forces stay. The bank had its serving organisations across the universe but most of the communications were done through station which made the determination procedure hold. Further the bank had to confront huge competition from big private Bankss, where their conditions to acquire a loan were somewhat relaxed compared to the World Bank conditions.

As the above diagram the World Bank group has the above organisation construction for its different missions and concern instances. The bank ‘s operations were more and big measure of informations being collected passing big sum of hard currency. The information collected did non function the intent as a consequence there was a demand for cognition system to streamline the operation.

The Main Aims of Implementing A Knowledge Management System for World Bank and the Issues in implementing them

The Bank wants to accomplish the followers purposes

  • Streamlining the concern operation
  • Making a planetary community
  • Thematic Groups and Story Telling
  • Facilitating Knowledge Sharing

The bank wants to accomplish the strategic purposes through the successful execution of a cognition direction system ; but implementing a cognition direction system has the undermentioned related issues.

Specifying Knowledge Management

There is no cardinal definition to knowledge direction but for understanding purpose cognition direction could be defined as “a set of concern procedures developed by an organisation to make, shop, transportation and use knowledge” .

Streamlining the Business Operation

Establishing the above definition the cognition direction helps an organisation to get informations, procedure into information ; storing and reassigning whilst aid in determination devising.This was a challenge due to the deficiency of substructure in client states. The states which the World Bank operates is largely developing states.

These states had a hapless criterion of populating instead than developed states. As most states had scarceness for H2O and electricity constructing a communicating web was a hard undertaking.Since there was non adequate telecommunication installations available the bank had to pass on orbiter engineering, but this did non derive much support from the bank staff as the costs were really high.Implementing satellite engineering did non acquire blessing from the authorities of these states due to security grounds particularly from Pakistan and India.

The care of satellite systems were another challenge where birds pecked these antenna screens and made nests or the stealers stole the equipment in the distant countries. Further monkeys excessively destroyed the aerial dishes.The internal staff excessively did non much corporate with the bank ‘s new vision because the staff did non desire to believe outside the paradigm box, where they were stating that there chief concern is to impart money and puting on cognition direction is non the chief carbon monoxide of the concern. Further staff did non desire to co-operate where they were afraid that they may free their occupations which was the chief ground they did non desire to follow to the alteration and this caused the anxiousness of welcoming the cognition direction system.

Making a Global Community

Top direction did non desire to collaborate with any alterations where there were frequent differing of sentiments, which delayed the execution procedure, where the World Bank President Wolgensohn made a public statement in October 1996 that the organisation would non be transformed to a Knowledge Organization.Commercial organisations invested on cognition direction to portion concern informations and client informations, but World Bank needs informations about each and every state where the bank staff needed information about clients, spouses, interest holders.In order to make this the Bank foremost started with IBM during 1999 where the Bank foremost adopted to put in ERP and take SAP as its chief seller.

But the bank had to incur high operating costs which was around $ 12.3 million, where it was higher than satellite bandwith. Subsequently 2002 the Bank introduced the Internet Protocol system which besides required a higher initial investing costs.The bank introducing and following new engineering was a major concern, but there was no idea about security.

Where sharing sensitive information over the Internet for most case would be tapped or accessed by hackers. this information could be tapped by foreigners. This had a concealed cost of security issues.

Thematic Groups and Story Telling

These were informal groups where people were brought from different field sectors to lend their thoughts and suggestions. It was of import for the Bank to acquire experient people from the different sectors in order to ease the bank employees to derive more cognition. This was a tough undertaking as people did non show their thoughts openly and freely and the other was people though there thoughts and suggestions may be non up to the criterion.The chief of import issue here is where most of the people joined on a voluntary footing and there is a inquiry of how choice the information is. As the information needed to be structured and tagged so that by giving the right key word the employees could entree this information.

The inquiry is how far the quality of the information measured, and who measures them. Is at that place a quality evaluation given or are there are any internal assessments for these information supplied by assorted people and professionals across the universe.Further there is another job where fring information, when people stop lending or acquire retired. Though the Bank has invested in communicating engineering it did non fund for any personal to value the quality of these information where as everyone would get down lending at that place may be a danger of information being overloaded. There is besides a concealed inquiry whether the bank staff are matured plenty to mensurate the quality of the information and merely see the relevant 1s.

Apart from the information quality as people start lending information freely some times interlopers or aggressors will seek to overload the waiter by uploading more information where the waiter may non be able to manage them this would do the waiter to interrupt, therefore making a waiter onslaught.As the cause of the denial of waiter onslaught, this could interrupt the whole operation of the bank. As most of the systems are interconnected to one web there may be a danger of the whole universe broad operation itself being stagnated and therefore losing valuable information. In order to convey the whole map back to normal the house would necessitate to pass a big sum of money to reconstruct information and acquire back on path.

Facilitating Knowledge Sharing

To ease the cognition sharing capableness the bank introduced the matrix construction during the twelvemonth 1996.

Operationss were divided between parts and sectors, where they jointly worked as one unit. Most of the managers were transferred to the operational units, instead than working in the client states. This action by the universe bank is non a sensitive move where if these managers do non understand the state civilization how can the organisation operate in that peculiar regional state. Further traveling the manager from regional state would do another job, where the manager would be an experient individual who knows about that state good.

This will impede the public presentation of that client state ‘s office when reassigning one cardinal personal. Further the money being allocated to the client state some times would non be to the full utilised.

Analysis of the Main Issues at World Bank Group

  • Top Management working as a squad and acquiring the staff support
  • High degree cost of technological investing
  • Transfering cardinal regional managers
  • Concerns sing information securities
  • Care of satellite systems

Top Management working as a squad and acquiring the staff support

First it is of import for the top direction to appreciate the importance of cognition direction systems and give a back uping manus in order to successfully implement the cognition direction system within the concern unit of the bank ‘s operation.The operational staff needed to be educated about the importance of presenting a cognition direction system and the chief ground for introducing is to help the staff ‘s work.

Adequate preparation demands to be given in order to make full the accomplishments spread in utilizing the system.

High Level of Technological Investment

Investing in engineering of presenting cognition direction systems should be given careful thought in order to do certain that they go manus in manus harmonizing to the bank ‘s scheme and concern instance. The bank needs to follow a measure by measure attack without wholly presenting across the whole universe. First the system needs to be introduced in the developed parts so presenting in developing parts. Further the bank could follow value signifier money audits when doing big investings in technological undertakings so that it could hold a prognosis to verify the fiscal viability of the undertaking.

Transfering Key Regional Directors

Transfering or taking regional managers is non a wise determination because they merely know the cultural background of the state they are runing. If they are removed or transferred or replaced with another manager it would take up some clip for the new individual to larn about that state ‘s system so it is worthwhile to maintain a lasting manager their so the bank caput quarters has more control over that division. The best possible action to take is appoint two managers, where one individual would be a national from the regional state and other from another state with more powers so that the bank could keep more control as the other state manager would be indifferent and can command the bank ‘s concern operation. Transfering the other state manager is a wise operation because he/ she would go multicultural and the know how could be used to the bank ‘s public presentation.

Concern Regarding Information Securities

Introducing a cognition direction system would non function the intent if the information is unfastened to everyone. The bank needs to present high degree security system like coding informations so that interlopers can non entree the information when passed.

Further the bank needs to hold a dedicated work system so that they do non entree the external system and the hazard of information being onslaught reduces drastically. Each subscriber for the new system should necessitate to register and acquire a username and watchword so that each and everyone do non derive entree merely the relevant and echt people would fall in the cognition sharing forum, therefore minimising the denial of service onslaughts.More technological staff needed to be trained through the sponsorship of investing plans like scientific discipline and technological instruction which would enable the accomplishments to use trained people from the client states itself.

Care of satellite systems

Specific security steps needed to be implemented like electron-sing the orbiter dishes in order to protect them from stealers and monkeys. The negatron -sing system merely should be a minimal electromotive force one so that its merely used as a protection mechanism non to ache anyone merely to give a warning and protect the systems.

In add-on it would be better to use security personal so the orbiter dishes are watched invariably.

Recommendations and Future Courses of Action

The chief of import factor which needs to be considered would be the cost of implementing a cognition system and the security issues. World Bank has to segregate its subdivisions across the universe and analyze what types of systems it needs to implement harmonizing to the demand and relevancy. This would enable the bank to make a cost benefit analysis and implement a suited system relevant to the demand of the client state.

As mentioned earlier it is better for the bank to follow a measure by measure attack in implementing a cognition system across the universe, instead than a extremist alteration. The measure by measure attack would enable the bank to salvage money and acquire the support from the staff from higher degree to operational degree.Further the bank has to put in developing staff and It security steps in order to protect the information. Information protection is of import where there is big sums of financess being transferred across the computing machine webs if these inside informations were tapped it would enable the financess being transferred to incorrect histories.

When preparation and recruiting staff harmonizing it is of import to see the seven barriers of cognition transportation deficiency of trust, different civilizations, vocabularies, frame of mention, deficiency of clip and meeting topographic points, position and wagess traveling to knowledge proprietors [ Daven and Prusak 1998 ] . Daven and Prusak farther suggest the best manner to reassign cognition would be through conversations, direct talks and forums. In developing states it is of import to hold two trainers one from the chief caput office and another trainer from the local state which would be enable the cognition reassigning procedure easier.Soon with the outgrowth of e-business and on-line trading patterns the bank could easy profit from these technological installations but demands to still follow a measure by measure attack when following them in developing states.The bank has to follow with legal and ethical issues when managing sensitive informations, besides with transcript right issues. In order to successfully utilize the Knowledge Management System the bank besides needs to use skilled staff in order to run successfully.


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