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Known to many, Installation of Antivirus software is growing
in leaps and bounds and hence achieving great heights since the era of 21st
century. It has become a trend to install such an internet security with
multiple benefits. But more than a trend, it is beneficial application that not
only protect from infections but from hackers that are just hungry to enter
into your PC and have access to it.

Bit Defender
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Scanning your files or a folder through BitDefender is not a
laborious thing to perform but one needs to have sufficient knowledge regarding

How to scan a file/folder?

From your mouse, right-click on the
representation you want to be scanned.

Then, to start the process it is important scanning
through this antivirus from the menu bar appearing on your desktop.

An Antivirus scan wizard will be appearing on
the screen, you need to go to that process to settle it.

How to scan
a system?

Move your cursor towards the Antivirus panel
after going to the main site of Bit Defender.

It is important for scanning the system fully
that you need to hit the Scan now button.

The last step is to look for the scan wizard for
completing the process.

How to create a custom scan

Go through the same process of moving towards
the panel after opening the website’s window.

After fully scanning the system, it is important
to add target so allow the folders and files to be scanned in an effective

Are you willing to fully scan the options? Then,
move your cursor towards the scanning options or you can do this by putting the
computer on shutdown mode.

Then, if you want the program to be on a run
basis, then start the scanning quickly.


This easy cum relevant process will allow you to get the
results. If it is unclear, then contact Bit
defender Helpline Number to receive reliable solutions.