Kok and wild beasts, herds of wild

Kok Kong is a coastal province in southwestern Cambodia only 10km away from Thai border. It locates near river door of Bpow Kah. Natural resources are the main tourist attraction of the region: wild beaches, pristine coastline, mangroves, Cardamom Mountains, jungles and wild beasts, herds of wild elephants, waterfalls and meandering rivers.AttractionCardamom Mountains: Occupying an area of 20,000 km2, Cardamom Mountains is the second largest rainforest in Southeast Asia. Because of its remote and difficult terrain, it is strongly recommended a guided tour for this destination.You must be amazed at a stunning scenery of subtropical jungles, a rich ecosystem inhabited by a wide ranges of wild animals such as Siamese crocodiles, Indochinese tigers, leopards, deer and wild elephants…  Nature-lovers should not miss the most attraction, Botum Sakor National Park situated southwest of Cardamom Mountains. The national park covers over 1800 km2 area of mangrove forests, untouched hills and spans over three districts of Kok Kong province: Kiri Sakor, Botum Sakor and Koh Kong.Waterfalls: Kok Kong is also home to many breath-taking waterfalls. In the rain season, the rivers flow from the Cardamom Mountains create imposing waterfalls. The Tatai waterfalls are the most beautiful cascades running from the height of 20ft.Visitors can reach the waterfall via boat or road. It is suggested to take a leisure one-hour boat to explore the waterfalls while admiring the great scenery of lush jungles along the way. Other notable ones are the Kbal Chhay and the Veal Achaut waterfall.Koh Kong Island: Cambodia’s largest island, Koh Kong still remains it pristine beauty with white sandy beaches. The clear water is inviting for exciting water sports: swimming, snorkeling, kayaking.Beyond adventure activities, there are luxurious resort for those who wish to spend time relax and live closely to the nature. Koh Moul Resort or Cham Yeam Resort can be a choice.