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I’m slowly becoming a convert to the principle that you can’t motivate people to do things, you can only demotivate them. The primary job of the manager is not to empower but to remove obstacles. -Scott Adams

Introduction: One of the vital task and responsibilty of a modern manager will be to get things done through people and the biggest challenge is to establish the right climate so that employee motivation could be maximised and its only the committed and good leaders will be able to meet up to this challenge and emerge as wimmers in today’s competitive environment.

Analyzes: According to the motivation quote as stated by Scott Adams, in the context of getting things done from other employees the managers should instill upon the idea of bringing out a positive image into the minds of the people by setting a positive tone. Scott also makes it clear that it is very easy to demotivate the stakeholders and it takes tonnes of humane power to motivate and appreciate and recognise the reponsibilities handled by the people. Most of the time managers try spending their days in bringing out fire from their subordinates but it takes in a different shape one point of time where in we will start looking at only the negative side of the business perspective. Thus it all depends and starts with the behavior of the manager who leads to masses. The techniques which should be catered to while dealing with the problems are by adopting the style of quetsioning i.e. What can be done to rectify this issue? What are the advantages of this business scenario? Want can be the takeaway from this experience? What should be ommitted in the future to be a step ahead of time?. (David, Pease. 2008)

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            The quote also has a severe dimension and a strong implication which says….if you cannot motivate the people around you, if we cannot motivate our employee staff, if we cannot motivate our children , then we seriuosly dont have right to demotivate them also. If we cannot encourage or appreciate people then we are no one to discourage them because there is a “positive angle” to every action and all incidents for every experience. And Scott Adams was correct in his quote which made it evident that managers dont have to motivate their employees but they have to stop demotivating them (sanjeevhimachali, 2007).

            Motivating employees has infact posed a big problem and a question at task where in Scott Adams does interpretes his statement as depicting that it actually isnt possible to motivate people of your organization. Therefore motivation cannot be forced on someone but it needs to come from within every individual. According to Edgar Schein, a specialist in organisational psychology and career dynamics says that for every individual to get motivated, one should analyze their career anchors and accordingly look out for satisfaction in their job and these anchors as explained by are Technical/Functional Know How, General Managerial capability, Autonomy/Independence, Security/Stability, Enterpreneurial Creativity, service and dedication to a cause, challenge and lifestyle (londonpharmacy, 2008).

Conclusion: Managers need to identify the roadblocks which have no value and instead build a road that will be considered as a road path for success and for the positive things of life where in superiors and leaders should manage the employes towards success and not stand in the way of their achivements. One needs to reevaluate the techniques adopted in their workplace and redesign their approach towards work of themselves and those who are report to them. Getting over the obstacles and difficulties by removing the tools, techniques and the business processes which do not lead to any way needs to be tackled. This dimension of looking at work will help the management in laying down a foundation which makes people love their work and their profession and the people around them and in turn managers will be successful only if their strive to bring out success in theie subordinates. Thus the biq question at the end of the day should be have i been able to empower my employees by removing the obstacles that came their way? (Ross Wescott, 2006).


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