The Renaissancewas a great period of cultural and technological creations and changes thatrushed through Europe since the end of the 13th century.  There were two crucial renaissances that tookplace and the most notable. They were the Italian and the Northern Renaissance,and they both had an astounding impact on Europe while being different andalike in some ways. They differed in many ways as the Italian Renaissance tookplace in Italy, but the Northern Renaissance took place outside of Italy but stillinside Europe. This difference would produce different sorts of art with uniquebackgrounds pertaining to its renaissance. Since the Northern Renaissancedidn’t have a direct link to Rome and Greece, they were more religious, but inthe Italian Renaissance, they were more secular. Yet, they both believed in thepower of education, individualism, and cultivated knowledge of the scripturesand writings from early Christianity.

       The differentlocation of the two renaissances would play a role in some of their beliefs andtheir audience. For example, Raphael who is known for his painting, “TheSchool of Athens”, wouldn’t be relatable or created if he was a NorthernRenaissance man. It shows how the difference in location would change the artproduced. This also displays how the difference in location can affect the artproduced.     Anotherdifference would be the link that the Northern Renaissance lacked compared tothe Italian Renaissance who was closely bound with Rome and Greece. This wouldmake Northern Renaissance art more religious and Italian Renaissance art less religious.

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For example, Northern Renaissance artist Jan van Eyck painted the “Virgin andChild with Canon van der Paele” which was a large painting with the Virgin Maryenthroned at the center. This obviously showcases the religious value withinthe Northern Renaissance.     They are stillsimilar in the fact that they both believed in the power of education. The risein prosperity vested an interest in education. They supported education asmeans of flourishing arts and promoting new scientific discoveries and inventions.For example, the most important of these was the printing press which enabledbook to be printed rather than hand written. This allowed works to be publishedand for new works to be spread at an even faster rate.

They both take interestin expanding education as they see it as opportunities to grow.      The Italian and NorthernRenaissance are different and similar in many ways. They are different as theytake place in different areas of Europe which would influence the generalspirit of the art. Also, they differ in the fact that the Italian Renaissanceis more secular compared to the Northern Renaissance mainly due to adisconnection to Rome and Greece. They are also similar in the fact that theyboth believed in education because they saw it as chances to flourish.