La Tour Eiffel Essay

La Tour Eiffel is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. It is the tallest building of Paris and is considered a global cultural icon of France.

It had always been my dream to visit the world’s most-visited paid monument someday. I didn’t have to think twice when my best friend, Katie asked me if I wanted to join her on a trip to Paris. I just packed my bags and hopped up on the plane with her. Being in Paris, visiting my dream place and that too with my best friend, it sure was overwhelming.We reached Paris late at night so we went straight to our hotel and slept. The jetlag didn’t let us do much the next two days but by the third day, when we were all fresh and ready to explore the stunning city we decided to start with the Eiffel Tower. We took a cab to the Tower early in the morning so that we could spend the whole day there.

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Even though the ride wasn’t very long it still felt like never-ending. Finally, when the cab pulled over I just couldn’t believe my eyes, it seemed too good to be true.But I really was there, standing in front of the beautiful three hundred and twenty-four meters tall building The place was filled with couples, families and tourists. People walking around, taking pictures, everyone was having a great time. We decided to take a tour of the tower.

Tickets to ascend by stairs or elevators were available outside. The line for the elevators was way too long so we took the stairs. It had three levels; the walk from the ground to the first level was over three hundred steps, as was the walk from the first to the second level.The first level featured ‘Le 58 tour Eiffel’ a restaurant. It had a splendid interior, huge window with striking view and was filled with people having the most appetizing food.

The second floor had a gastronomical restaurant. The third and highest level was accessible only by an elevator. It had a souvenir store on and a few offices. We spent our day roaming around and relaxing.

The romantic atmosphere it is most known for was defiantly present. The beauty of the place really stays with you for a long time. It’s amazing how man thought of building a structure so unique and gorgeous.