Labeling System Essay


            A labeling system is essential in promoting as well as establishing the identity of a product. As part of forming a product’s identity, the label should also embody what impression the product is trying to portray. The clothing industry is saturated with all forms of products, from tops and bottoms to overalls and extras. However, there are many ways to cut through the competition and get a share of the market. The label plays an important role in doing this.

            Lightness in terms of clothing may very well identify with naturalism and ecology. This is not new but still very few are getting on this bandwagon. Shirts and pants which use all-natural materials are very good products. They are not only environment-friendly; they also have a specific appeal to consumers. Specifically, consumers who are aware of environmental issues will be attracted to the product. Other customers will also be enlightened and may be attracted to buy and wear this type of clothing because of its sustainability.

            Keeping these in mind, devising the label system becomes an easy task. Considerations should focus on the materials to be used for the label, the design, the text that the label will have, and its attachment to the products. It should be remembered that naturalism and ecological sustainability should be preserved. In doing so, the product’s lightness will be communicated accordingly.

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The product

            Labels, as mentioned before, should follow the image of the product. The products in question are all-natural clothing items. The products will be made from 100% cotton. This ensures that the clothes are not only light to the people wearing them, but also light to the environment.

            The product will also come in a myriad of colors. However, the colors will be light such as pastels and earth colors. The dye that will be used for the clothes are also all-natural, such as soy-based dyes. All of these elements of the product will affect the labeling system that it will require.

The Label

Label materials

            In creating the label, recycled and recyclable materials should be used. The paper that will be used for the label itself shall come from recycled pulp. New paper requires trees to be cut. Thus, using new paper is against the image that the product is trying to portray.

            Soy-based inks will also be used in printing onto the paper. This further ratifies the lightness of the product. Fewer chemicals will be put into use. Again, this is environmentally sustainable, just like the clothes that will be labeled.

Label design and text

            The design of the label will also be tantamount to its overall impact. The label for this product will use automated printing. This will ensure that every product will have the same label. The design will also be similar. The dimension of the label will be approximately 1×4 inches. The good thing with this type of label is that it serves other functions when removed from the product. This dimension is perfect for a bookmark. Thus, the label also doubles as a marketing and advertising tool when removed from the product.

For this product, the main feature of the label design is the picture of a leaf. The leaf will be located in the top of the 1×4 label. The color will be very monochromatic light shades of green. Under the picture is the brand name in tall but slim and cursive fonts. Again, lightness is taken into consideration. Cursive fonts are lighter to look at, unlike straight or heavy fonts that may come as too technical or mechanical. Under the brand name, details on the product will be contained as well. On the bottom part of the tag will be a space for the serial barcode for the products for easier pricing, identification, and inventory.

            For the label text, information about sustainable development will be given, as well as how Hyehye clothes contribute to this. The text will somewhat contain the following text:

            Hyehye Clothing Company believes in sustainable development. Our clothes are crafted from all-natural and recyclable materials. The clothes are cotton-light for you, and also light for Mother Nature.

Label attachment

            There will only be one label for each product. This will add to the lightness of the labeling system. The labels will be attached to the product using thin strands of abaca rope or other rope made from natural material. The labels will be manually attached to the products through sewing. This ensures that no plastic will be utilized in the labeling process. As much as possible, the labels will also be paired with paper bags as packaging for the clothes. Avoiding plastic bags will create a bigger impact for the lightness that the product is trying to convey.


            Labels are important to products. It helps in branding and image synthesis. However, the elements of the label should match that of the product. Otherwise, the consumers will be confused and, worse, displeased. Lightness in terms of environment sensitivity should be communicated through text so that consumers will know that the products are sustainable. However, it should also be in the materials used in the label as well as the design. An interplay of all these elements can help achieve a creative, appealing, useful and informative labeling system that also helps market the product.

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