Labor relations project Essay

            As a part of the management team for Happy Trails’ during unionization, the first action I would take would be to inform the employees of where the company stands in regards to the union.

I would tell the employees that they do not have to talk to union organizers. I would also inform them that they do not have to vote for union to be brought into the company and that the company prefer union not be voted in. I would also inform them of the negative effects that unionization would bring to the company and the employees.            The next step I would take would be to make the employees feel safe with the company.

I would want them to know that they do not need the union to be a part of the company. The first thing I would do to help them feel not only safe but confident in the company would be to actively promote my LPN’s. I would then offer bonuses and place some individuals into positions of leadership. These acts will help to gain confidence, trust, and loyalty between the company and the employees.

Happy employees are loyal employees.            To ensure that the employees are loyal and trust in the company never threaten them. I would refrain from coming across to the employees in a negative manner. The only negativity I would show would be towards the idea of union. Threatening the employees will only push them towards the idea of union. They will pull away from the company and become more receptive to the message that the union is approaching them with.            Once I have established trust and loyalty with the employees I would then lay out their present benefits to them.

I would point out all of the positive incentives and benefits that they are receiving at present. Then I would inform them of the changes that would take place if union were to be successfully brought into the company. I would compare all of their present benefits to those being promised to them by the union and I would be sure to inform them of the negative effects to their benefits were union to be successfully voted into the company. I would make sure that the employees understood about union dues and the possibility of decreases in pay and benefits.            The final thing I would do would be to appeal to the employees and try to get them to help spread the word about the negative effects of the union coming into the company. By going to them for help in keeping union out they will feel as though they are an important part of the team.

I would let them know that the company needs them in order to ensure that their current benefits and future pay increases remain safe and secure. I would stress to them that the only way that the company can confidently secure their pay and benefits is to keep union out.            The most important thing for the management team to do is to educate the employees on issues such as union dues, possible changes in pay, and possible changes in benefits. The company must gain the trust and confidence of the employees and be very clear on their stand in regards to the union. Keeping the employees active in the fight against union and giving them the knowledge they require will increase the probability that the team will be able to keep union out of the company.