Labor rights in the 21st century Essay

labor rights in the 21st century
In the Beginning…
Although the comments made by John L. Lewis about American labor and the government’s negligence towards it were extremely harsh and coarse (Lewis, 1937).  While Mr. Lewis’ speech sounded more like a political campaign rather than a public welfare act, it is to be noted that Mr. Lewis only pointed out the mistakes of the steel industrialists and officials, it seems that Mr. Lewis only talked about the brutality that the “American work force” had to suffer by the hands of steel manufacturers.  Mr. Lewis completely failed to mention the losses (emotional, financial, and physical) that these industrialists had to bear at the hands off labor activists.  It seems as if Mr. Lewis does not at all care about the foundations of the American economy which are undoubtedly these so called “brutal” industries.

Whether it be the present epoch or the year 1937, that fact is that the American government have always taken care of their workforce, which in this great country are considered as the building blocks of our society.  Although, it’s that also true that during that period (mid 1930’s) there were several protests against many of the humongous organizations, and these protests were mostly related to problems faced by labor.  But it seems that the government was able to control the labor quandary on its own with only very little help from the so called “public service” organizations.

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Relevance of Mr. Lewis’s Fundamentals in present era and enhancement in the philosophy of Labor
Mr. Lewis states in his speech delivered in 1937 of the wrong doings by some governors, particularly the governor of Ohio, Governor Davey.  Well […] these kinds of allegations are still pressed against various government officials by the respective oppositions. (Lewis, 1937)

In the present era, the labor workforce of America have become smarter, and joined hands with various labor rights groups and have successfully overcome the protest phase.  The government has created and edited many rules and laws about labor rights to create a successful employee employer relationship, and the Americans have won the battle through a win – win negotiation strategy.

Why can’t the 1937’s incident repeat itself now?
This kind of courage does not exist in the current labor workforce of America.  This is due to the fact that the Americans work force is slowly and gradually diversifying, that is, American corporations has started outsourcing whatever they can to foreign countries that may provide cheaper labor, subsidies, and a refuge to companies in need.

Anything and everything is being outsourced which has destabilized the very foundation of the local work force of this great country.  And even though the American government is trying its best to improvise the circumstances, they are yet to find a compelling solution.

These kinds of situations weaken the psychology of the American workforce and therefore they are not currently able to withstand the policies.

Are the Labor Rights Appropriate for the 21st Century?
Yes.  Definitely the labor rights still pertain, as a matter of fact the labor rights that are effective currently are much improvised and better in every manner then they used to be 80 years ago.  Although outsourcing is becoming a major threat to the country’s work force, still the labor rights stand by the citizen’s side to protect him in every fair manner, to ensure that the building blocks of this great economy don’t go hungry, and to ensure that the citizen enjoys a good standard of living.

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