Labour law Essay

Let me start out by saying that no matter how you view it, a battle that is fought by a group of individual is easier won than that which is fought individually. This is because synergy is created in the group and they are able to speak with one voice. This makes them more powerful and better quipped to embark on the task that is set before them.

Personally, I am of the opinion that unionized worker earn more money and benefits than their counterparts that do not belong to unions. Why do I say so? I give the reasons for my claim below in the following paragraphs.The initial point I want to draw out here is the fact that looking at this from the perspective of the employee, who wants to maximize profit and reduce overall cost, the primary reason why they have a business or own a corporation is to make profit.

In a capitalist state like America, business owners are solely interested in making all the money they can. Oftentimes than not, this might be to the detriment of the worker who are laboring their lives out. In such instances, workers that belong to unions are better equipped with the machinery to advocate for better pay and other benefits that is fit to them. One might argue that there are actually some corporations that have good welfare programs for their workers. I am not disputing this. However, there are other instances where the rights of the workers might be infringed and this is done mostly in companies where there is no established union there to stop them.Furthermore, not only do unionized workers earn more, they also enjoy more benefits that those who do not belong to any union. Unionized workers enjoy benefits such as health benefits, vacations, sick leave, retirement benefits, paid time off and insurance.

This makes their future secure and they have nothing to fear. Apart from this, there is job security for workers that are unionized because the company can not just decide to layoff workers anyhow.Summarily, life is about interdependence and life can not be live alone.

We need people of like minds to survive. We need unions to better our life and ensure a secure the future.Reference:UAW webpage (2008) The Union Advantage in Pay and Benefits. Retrieved from on September 13, 2008