Lance armsrong Essay

Lance armsrong.Lance Armstrong was born on September 18th 1971 in Plano Texas.

His father abandoned his mother when lance was only two years old and therefore the mother had two raise him almost single handedly. He began his career in Plano as a triathlete, a competition in which a participant takes part in three different events: swimming, cycling and running. Though he was good in water, Lance was better in cycling and he eventually decided to take part in cycling competitions(Tracking the entire world n.d)He won a major event in the USA and in 1992 at Mr.

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Armstrong took a further step and became a professional cyclist. Lance showed his cycling prowess by winning major tournaments around the country including winning the coveted USPRO title, stage victory in the famous tour de France and even becoming the number one ranked cyclist in the world.In 1996, mr.Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It is the way that this great athlete beat this challenge to remain on top of his game that is really thrilling. The cancer had already spread top his brain and lungs and doctors were not too positive about his chances of survival.

Being the brave guy he his, Armstrong underwent surgery and showed great determination as he went through chemotherapy. With the help of specialists the treatment did not have any side effects nor did it risk the chances of losing his lungs. Lance’s experience with cancer scared him but he did not lose hope. In fact, he admits that the experience enabled him to view life in a broader perspective.

He started the LANCE ARMSTRONG foundation in 1997.This foundation caters for cancer victims and funds cancer research(Armstrong, L 2004,p.10) This shows that Lance is a true “Jewel”.

He not only cares about his life but also the life of others. How I wish that fellow Americans can learn from this great hero. A bad experience should not leave one devastated forever, someone has to look beyond the situation and provide leadership and help for those who might be facing similar problems.After his ordeal with a life threatening disease, Lance was back to what he did best; cycling. Even if his career was to end after his recovery, the story would still be motivating. But wait a minute, in 1999, he qualified for the greatest race in cycling, the tour de France (Lance’s story n.d).This was a very great achievement given that he had just come back from an illness.

Between 1999 to 2005 he won seven tour de France races placing him among the greatest cyclists ever. In 2005, tabloids published stories insinuating that steroids had been found in Lance’s blood sample. The director of the tour de France said that Lance owed the world an explanation about those allegations. Lance came out strongly and denied the allegations insisting strongly that he had never doped.            Live strong is a foundation started by Mr. Lance Armstrong in 1997 and is a registered non profit organization. The foundations main objective is to inspire and motivate people living with cancer and these objectives are achieved when former cancer victims such as Lance share their experiences with cancer victims. One can imagine the kind of impact there would be on a sick person, if a world champion as well as other people truly empathizes with suffering victims.

It goes without saying that the victims will surely be delighted and will stop viewing their lives as worthless. The livestrong foundation believes that in the fight against cancer, unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. This in simple translation means that the fight against cancer is a lot easier is the people with the disease are encouraged by being shown that they are not alone in a world that some of the victims would otherwise have seen as doomed.

To know more about cancer is another vital part in the fight against the disease. What I mean is that, a victim ought to know more about the disease and the food that is important in helping to keep the disease at a low. The live strong foundation thus due to its well equipped personnel and experienced personnel and staff are able to give the cancer victims some ray of hope by giving the patients information on all they need to know about the .The brain plays a very integral part in all aspects of our day to day lives and more so on our health. If one adopts the right attitude, anything can happen. The worst thing for a cancer victim is to lie down and lose hope just because they are sick. It is because of this that the livestrong foundation encourages the victims to have the right attitude.

A never say die attitude.(Lance Armstrong foundation, n d)            Given that over 10million Americans are currently living with cancer such foundations such as the live strong foundation are very important. The mission of the live strong foundation is served through education, advocacy, and public health and research programs. The foundation has granted over $9.6 million in cancer survivorship and testing programs.

Through these methods and sponsorship, the foundation is able to reach a large number of people across America and offer the all so important services regarding this killer disease.(Lance Armstrong foundation n d)Mr. Armstrong’s story is truly inspirational. from being raised by a single mother to overcoming a disease that almost killed him, his story is a lesson to American people and indeed people from allover the world that have almost given up .

The livestrong foundation is a good example that good people actually live in this world and it serves as a lesson to many people that we should give back to the society. The livestorng foundation is proof enough that no matter the amount of resources or lack of resources all that matters is how one utilizes the little that he/she has. The saying that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves is also reflected by what the lance Armstrong’s foundation is doing for people allover America. It also serves to encourage people whop may feel that the world could come to an end because of a difficult situation they might be facing. He says that before the disease he just lived, but now he lives stronger. This should be interpreted to mean that negative events in our lives can act as a source of strength if approached with a positive attitude. If all people were to be as strong as Lance the world would surely make great strides in development.

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