Landmark Sports Agency: My Dream Essay

One job that has always been a dream of my own is to one day be the owner or partner of Landmark Sports Agency in Los Angeles California. I have always been interested in sports, but I have always wanted a career on the business side rather than being involved with the sport directly like a coach. The path to attaining my dream job will not be simple. It will require more education, and a lot of perseverance.

After graduating from Clarion University with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Sports Management, I plan to attend graduate school.I have not yet decided whether I should attend graduate school to receive a master’s degree in Sports Management or a master of Business Administration. After receiving my master’s degree I will explore job and internship options.

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I would like to move to California to acquire an internship at a sports agency such as Landmark. Hopefully by the time I have been out of school for 5 years I will have worked my way into the being the head of the firms marketing department. By starting in the marketing field this will have helped me be acquainted with many clients in the market.It is very important to meet as many agents, coaches, clients and media members as I can.

After working in marketing I will have found a couple prospective clients of my own, and will have persuaded the firm to let me become certified to become a full time agent. Depending on what field of sports I choose as my canvas, I will have to be tested and be completely certified for the position. This will include learning the league rules, salary cap information, player benefits, and the regulations of being an agent.

After completing the certification and training process I will attain a secure liability insurance policy.It is very important to be insured when dealing with the ups and downs of someone else’s career. Becoming a well- known sports agent is made entirely by networking. After finding one client and completely gaining their trust and support it is time to find others to expand. I will network with everyone I meet in my field, which is why it will be exceptionally important of me to make an excellent first impression. I will treat every meeting with officials as if I am on an interview. After 5 more years I will be a respected agent working to the top of my agency.I will have gained the respect of my co-workers, clients, and most importantly my boss.

I will work as an agent for the next few years bringing in the most revenue for the company. After being out of school for 20 years I will have brought in the largest amount of new clients that my firm has ever seen. I will have proposed to my boss that I should be made partner, and after debating the idea for awhile he will have accepted. I will continue to work as an agent, but I will be in charge of ensuring the security and rank of our agency in the sports world.There are many strengths to being a manager in the world of Sports Marketing that my leadership style has revealed. A few are, I am very purposeful, plans ahead, detail oriented, prefers to work on one project at a time and I am always prepared. I believe that I do possess all of these characteristics which the leadership style inventory has shown. Throughout everything that I do I am always very organized.

I have a place for everything and I can tell when something does not seem to be exactly right. I have always paid a large amount of attention to details since I was a child.I have always enjoyed playing memory games which have helped me be able to recall details from years ago that someone may have never noticed. This will be a large help to me with client because I will be able to remember the smallest details about their career. Planning ahead is a characteristic that any manager should be in control of.

In the sports world things are always changing, and since there are new star athletes emerging every day it will be important for me to be able to plan ahead and forecast who they will be.Although the leadership inventory showed a lot of strengths there are always weaknesses as well. One of them would be not having enough time to plan, which is something that I struggle with now. I always am trying to plan ahead, but when I am given a short time frame this creates a problem. Another weakness that I will have to overcome is chaos and disorganization.

Being an agent there will be many hectic scenes, which will be quite hard for me to become adjusted to. After interpreting the score of another leadership style inventory, I learned that I am calm about certain aspects of approaching conflict.In my particular field this will be a strength.

There are inevitable situations regarding athletes that will need to be solved, and being calm will make the problem solving much easier. I am calm when it comes to compromising, collaboration, forcing and avoiding. I agree that I am a problem solver, which is the stem of collaboration. Being able to solve problems is one of the most important assets that a manager can include. Another strength is that I am very compromising. In the work atmosphere I believe it is better to meet someone halfway than to have a hostile situation.Another weakness that I have is that I do not avoid problems when they arise, which can be good and bad.

I always try to find the solution to problems, but I also will not avoid a confrontation if I am presented with one. Sports agent’s deal with problems and confrontations daily, being a good agent means that I will need to let some confrontations slide and look for a solution without others becoming angry. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, but occupations also have them.

Being a sports agent will develop a strong base for clientele, but the business is also very competitive.In 2005 there were more than 1,100 agents in the NFL that did not have clients. Agents will be able to have access to elite events such as the Super Bowl and drafts, but this will require lots of traveling. One of the principal weaknesses of being an agent is that I will only be paid if my client is. This means that a paycheck is not guaranteed and there is not a typical pay schedule as most office jobs offer. Although it seems that the risks outweigh the advantages I will still try my hardest to become a successful agent.My future field does not require a certain level of education, but it is strongly encouraged. Most firms are looking for new agents with a background in law, marketing, business or communications.

Even though I will be an established professional I will continue to research the field of Sports Marketing and find better ways to enhance my job. It is very important to always be searching for new methods of ways to conduct finding new clients or maintaining them. Athletes always will want the best agent to represent them, which means that I must always be a step ahead of my competition.

I will continue to network my career as much as possible, not just to enhance my own career but to represent my agency as well. Our book specifies what different segments make up the sports industry, which include the sport performance segment, sport production segment and the sport promotion segment. My dream career of running a sports agency falls under sport promotion. I will be handling promotional endeavors for my client and endorsement deals.

Sport promotion is defined by the products offered as tools to promote the sport product. On the economic impact model my career belongs to the sports entertainment segment.It would stem from events, involving me in marketing and management of my athlete clients. I also would be involved in the media aspect by handling appearances made by clients and endorsements which are also under sports entertainment. As an agent it will be my job to make sure my client is at every function they are supposed to appear at, and to make sure they are being marketed to the extent that they should. As an upcoming agent networking my clientele will be the most important aspect of my rise to the top of Landmark Sports Agency.