Langer Article Critique Essay

Arthur M. Langer (2002). Reflecting on Practice: using learning journals in higher and continuing education. The purpose of this study was to report on the use of learning journals as vehicles for encouraging critical reflection among non-traditional students and to compare variances with studies among traditional students.

An objective of the study was to understand how adult students in a technical computer class responded to the requirements for learning journals.The author discussed how journals influence the learning process of adult students of the latter category and was designed for students interested in changing their careers. The study focused on students attending a computer technology class. The class, Computer Architecture, was a required course in an 18-month computer technology certificate programme at Columbia University. The instructor for the course required the submission of a weekly learning journal from each student during the 15-week course.

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The study included a selective number of journals that was reviewed from three successive semesters of the same class. Each class contained over 100 students. The purpose of the study was to understand the immediate and extended impact of journals as a learning tool for working with adult students and from promoting critical reflection.

By utilizing, the same class was beneficial in attaining the results from the study. The body of the article supported the thesis by utilizing several references.The article included information about other classes that was irrelevant to the study. The article also focused on critical reflection. The article described several types of learning journals but did not give a clear definition of critical reflection. The author concluded, that existing literature on the use of learning journals in higher education indicates that it can be an effective learning instrument.

The information provided was not based on factorial information because some students did not complete their assignments.Less than 5 % of the students admit to being predisposed to learning journals. The author interviewed students for at least 30 minutes at a time with structured interview questions. I think the study should have been completed by 5 males and 5 females. It would be difficult to conduct a research on learning journals because not all the students completed assignments. Some of the students had experience with learning journals. The author would have had better results if he conduct and pre and post test study.