Language and culture project Essay

Jesim AL Marhoon

Anthropology 104

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Language is a system of communication that consists of a set of sound, gestures and written symbols, which are used by people of a particular country or region for the transmission of certain information from one person to another. Language helps to disclose thoughts and feelings from one individual to another. Culture is the particular traits, products and way of life of a specific community over a certain period of time. Dialect is the variance of speech that can be distinguished through the pronunciation, grammar/ vocabulary as compared to the literally standards of language. The variation of speech is due the influence of the code switching as when one is delivering the speech.

Television has become the most popular icon and symbol distributor of the pop culture, language and the mass marketer in the US. Televisions are mass marketers since their advertisements reach a large population over the shortest period of time promoting the sales and the coverage. The Simpson and cane exemplify on how the televisions has embraced and promote both culture and language in the US. For instance the Simpson Television, which was established long time ago, provides the suitable cartoon programmed for the kids which gives an ideal opportunity for the kids to access the language and culture easily thus embracing if on their lifetimes.

This also enables the kids to become bilingual or multilingual according to the exposure and inheritance from the parents. For instance Simpson broadcasting provides an option of allowing the viewers to touch the recording button or by use of remote to set a program such that even if it was broadcasted in Spanish, one can be able to listen to a translated version though delivering the same message. It is a advantage to kids in extension to contemplate keenly and compare and contrast both Spanish and English versions broadcasted widening their language skills and embracing their original culture. The Simpson have designed an easy cultural and language promoting program which can be operated by kids thus making extremely excellent on educating the kids over the languages and culture.

The Simpson employs the use of cartoons that entertains the young kids breaking the monotony and effectively conveys the language acquisition and cultural embracement amongst themselves. On addition to the use of cartoons, Simpson has designed the classified age log in such that all the rank age has got a persuading program from Simpson educating over the political and social amenities. Simpson also employs the general characters portraying the immediate society and its happenings. This gives an opportunity for the viewers over what traits to pick from culture and what to abandon on the progress of shaping the new culture that people can comfortably live with.

Thus culture is effectively portrayed through Simpson and the language is the mechanisms fueling the shows.

            Cane shows, which is a newly established link, explores detailed importance of language and culture that shapes one to develop in an holistic manner enabling children to appreciate the diversity of the natural framework on the daily life. Though most of children encounter difficulties in acculturation, cane shows have simplified this double move of children on the acquisition of both language and culture. Though Cane employs all the aspects of Simpson, as it is more improved and most recent than Simpson, it has exposed children to learn multilingual and more important English among other first languages on the foundations of the concrete cultural concepts in the learning institutions. Cane has specified in songs, poems, rhymes, dialogues, gestures and movements facilitating the proper pronunciation of words, comprehensions and the language production under the culture predictions.

            In conclusion, Televisions, Simpson and Cane exemplified, has got the core role in the language and cultural embracement over large population of people who share the same attributes of the culture. Television promotes language, culture and a mass marketer through its programs. Advertisement enlighten people about the new products on the markets, and virtually all its programs are language mechanically fueled and always portrays culture of the certain group of people over the specific given period of time.