Language and Description Essay

Language and Description            The Bike’s Wheel: You smoked weed. You got behind the wheel. And you hit a six year old girl on her bike. Weed can make you do stupid things like that.

This picture means a lot of things if looking at it without the label or statement. The wheel represents life and journey of a person – sometime at the top and sometimes at the bottom. However, as what the statement says, weed is the main point while the bike’s wheel is the result of the character’s action. The statement is a representation of people’s illogical actions. The weed is a symbol of wildness. People’s life is in the wild.

They ignore the things around them especially the small details of their lives. That is why they make stupid thoughts and things around them. Based on the language that the creator used in this description, it can be said that there is always a cause and effect in any aspect of life but most of the time the effects are always seen rather than the cause or reason, which is described in this picture.            The Mexican: Just another drugged out loser. But you’re little tags way off. I’m a thinker, an uncle, and the last thing I lit up was a rugby scoreboard. This picture is somehow discriminating along with the message.

It shows that Mexicans are representation of losers. Nevertheless, the label withdraw the connotation at the end of the statement because the creator used upbringing words to define the Mexican but still, it gives low justification of thought against Mexicans in general. The language is rude and direct. Without any hesitations, the statement is produced with a negative explanation towards a certain culture.

            The Black Woman: `You scan me: you think I’m just another pot-smoking teenager. Well, you’re wrong. I’m an artist, a therapist, and the last time I took a hit was in kickboxing. Drugs aren’t me. This picture is a depiction of pride and guilt.

Black means mystery and envy. Even without the message, the picture is the same as the statement’s main point – a mysterious woman with pride and guilt within her self. The language used in this picture shows irony. The speaker which is the black woman sees her self as immoral but would want to convey to her audience that she is good enough in the society. She wants to defend her identity and individuality but it does not match with her character.

That is why a concept of opposition is portrayed in this description.            The White Man: `filed under: pothead. Kids these days are just a bunch of pot-smoking slackers, right? Wrong.

I’m a writer, a halfback. And the last thing I smoked was an entire defense.’ In this picture, the conflict is between the growth of children and the identity of the man.

The statement wants to say that children are different from before to know but it is deconstructed by the same statement through the description of the white man. The language used is conflicting. The audience needs to read the statement many times before they understand the main point of the picture. The main point of this advertisement is to defend the children as they are connoted as ‘pot-smoking slackers’ for they seek creation and satisfaction to this effort.            In conclusion to this, it can be said that the advertisements discussed the reality of life – The journey of life and its evolution, the character of migrant people, the depiction of a woman, and a representation of a man and the children. An advertisement would not be complete without a statement that will support the idea. The use of language in this aspect is very important.

However, to make the audience to become analytical, the creator produce some twists and turns to the statements to form double meanings. It will depend on the audience’s interpretation.Work CitedAds. pp. 822-826.