Language Consists of Vowels and Consonants Essay

LANGUAGE CONSISTS OF VOWELS AND CONSONANTS Language consists of vowels and consonants. That sentence may contain some truth, but when we talk about language, we can not say that consists of vowels and consonants only. Language is a system for encoding and decoding information. However, there are different kinds of ways to communicate and, we as human beings are not the only ones who have the ability to do it. Vowels and consonants are related to speech. On the other hand, language is a set of rules for producing the speech. Speech is the verbal behaviour in hich we use the articulators or organs of speech such as teeth, palate, tongue, etc. to make the sounds and create a language in order to deliver and receive information or just have a spoken conversation.

Nevertheless, language is a form to express or deliver a message that not always involved sounds. If we think about people who speak “sign language” they do not use consonants or vowels in their language. However, they are able to communicate each other properly just using their hands or facial expressions. Another example of language is the symbols that some ancient cultures sed to use for communicate among them. Like petroglyphes or basic drawings which make the function as words. Or now a days the common graphic designs that we can find everywhere to indicate or speak us about a particular place or a rule to follow. In other words, language is a powerful tool that we can use to communicate in many ways according to a particular situation. Even animals have their own language even though they can not talk like human beings, they are able to express themselves among their pairs and owners.

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