Language languages. Ottoman Turkish is not the

     Language reform in Turkey was a way to purify Turkish by removing the Arabic and Persian grammatical features inside of the language which was hard to understand by the people of the Ottoman Empire. By changing the language Mustafa Kemal Atatürk wanted to raise a new culture and a unity among the people in the New Turkish Republic. To understand language reform completely we need to know Ottoman Turkish and culture to compare and know what it was before and what it is now. Our culture has changed a lot but it is still influenced by Ottoman Empire. Even though some may try to bring those days back, the neo – ottomans, I don’t think it is a good idea because Ottoman Empire’s time has passed. It still lives on in our culture and language, just not in an excessive way.     Ottoman Turkish is a variety of Turkish language used back in the Ottoman Empire. To understand Ottoman Turkish you needed to be educated. Only %7 of the whole population knew how to read and write in Ottoman Turkish in Ottoman Empire. Ottoman Turkish influenced by Arabic and Persian words. Over %85 of the words were Arabic or Persian. Ottoman Turkish also includes some Italian, French, Greek, Armenian and other European languages.     Ottoman Turkish is not the predecessor of modern Turkish. The standard Turkish or Modern Turkish of today is written in the Latin alphabet. There are few words which were “loaned” by other countries. Ottoman Turkish was not instantly transformed into the Turkish that we speak today. At first, only the alphabet was changed. Because of most of the Turkish population was not able to read and write at the time, switching to Latin alphabet was not hard on the people of Turkey. After Alphabet Reform loan words are taken out of the language and new words were added to the language. This reform was an example of language engineering.     Even though this reform aimed to remove what remains from Ottoman Empire, it might not have been the best decision to make. Since this reform suddenly cut through timeline between Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic only a few people are able to read old records. Officially the Script and Language reform started in 1928. Even though Language Reform happened later I think we shouldn’t separate them because script reform made way to Language Reform.     Culture, language, and Society are inseparable. The Neo-Ottomans argue that by changing our language from Ottoman to Turkish severed our routs from Ottoman culture. There are some for and against arguments on language and alphabet reform. There are some examples;For me, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is a Neo-Ottomanist. Ekmeleddin ?hsano?lu was a congressman of CHP – MHP coalition. He wrote a lot of books about Ottomanism and Ottoman Empire. He thinks Turkish Language Reform severed us from Ottoman Culture. He argues that the Ottoman word was forgotten so in results Ottoman Empire was also forgotten. Ottoman Empire was the center of science and literature and by severing our roots by Ottoman Culture we lost its glory. His way of thinking is very prescriptive. He thinks the new Turkish words after the reform were an abomination. He tries to discredit Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK. It is a shame that there are still people like him arguing the reform that Atatürk did.     Atilla ?lhan admires Atatürk and all his reforms except Language and Alphabet reform. He thinks that leaving behind Ottoman Language was leaving behind Ottoman Culture. He thought Ottoman Language was a combined language of Arabic, Persian, and French. By severed our routs from Ottoman Culture, we opened a path for western culture admirers. He wanted Ottoman to be thought in schools because he wanted people to bond with their previous Ottoman Culture.     Recep Tayyip Erdo?an imitates Atilla ?lhan’s thought on Ottoman Culture but he actually tries to bring Islamic features of Ottoman Empire. Recep Tayyip Erdo?an wants Ottoman to be thought in schools but actually, his aim is to get more influence on Turkish society and culture. Almost 50% of the votes in the last election went to AKP which means to Erdo?an.     Some people think that Turkey was a newly independent country so it needs a new language and a culture. It was hard to adjust new vocabulary of Turkish but it was a more purified language than Ottoman.     In my opinion, ATATÜRK achieved something really hard to do. He changed our language and the way we speak. With that, he also changed our culture. I don’t say that he completely removed the culture of Ottoman. He just tried to avoid people to embrace Ottoman. Because of the geographical location of Turkey, we can’t ignore there are still some remains of Ottoman Culture. Final Conclusion All ATATÜRK was tried to do was Gathering the population under the Republic of Turkish with its own culture.                                                                                                                            Bartu HARPUTLUSOURCES