Language Patterns Essay

            Language facilitation remains to be an important tool and mechanism that can be used by managers to actively create effective strategies in creating solutions and developments in an organization.

With the rapidly developing economy and businesses around the world, the diversity of the workplace becomes apparent. Thus, the challenge remains for managers to actively manipulate language as a tool in enhancing organizational development and problem-solving mechanisms.            The formation of language patterns begins to manifest itself on several thought processes by means of either creating barriers for further development or as an initiative to mend problems and enhance organizational practice. These include verbal and nonverbal clues that denote particular significance where in turn language facilitates meaning. Such creation on one hand becomes a challenge for companies as the actual processes that involve communication are hampered or altered. On the other hand, such diversity can be used by managers to properly enhance communicative processes by means of delegating key actors that shall handle a diverse workgroup to deliver messages without impeding its original meaning.

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 The realm of global communication has indeed created different manifestations due to the diversification of the workplace. Companies must relatively understand such diversities and create alternative methods to properly address the issue. “The most valuable lesson for communicating successfully with globally diverse audiences is to learn and demonstrate cultural understanding” (Geddie, 1999) In addition, managers and companies must promote listening for it is a vital component in such environment. “Listening remains our poorest communication skill; we seldom really succeed without it.” (Geddie, 1999)ReferencesGeddie, T. (1999) Moving communication across cultures in Communication World.Retrieved May 16, 2008 from,