Language Problems Example Essay

WORD COUNT:Language problems have become a recurring decimal in our everyday life. It is so amazing how easily some of these blunders are perpetuated. They are so rampant in the print and electronic media, including television advertisements, internet websites and office documents.

The misuse or ambiguous use of these words occurs widely and everyone is implicated. This is due to the ease with which these blunders could be committed and the ease with which they are missed when proofreading. Language problems can also occur due to improper understanding of the rules governing the usage of the language.

This is common among non-native speakers of the language.Language Problem 1: Obscure Abbreviations.In an article which I read in an online newspaper, it was mentioned that a movement known as “MADD” was in the forefront of campaign against drink driving. Throughout the write up, the writer continually referred to this abbreviation.  This tended to dilute the overall comprehensibility of the whole article as there was no mention of the full meaning of the abbreviation. MADD actually means Mothers against Drunk Driving.

It would have made more sense if the writer had stated the full meaning of this abbreviation.The fact that the writer used an informal abbreviation in the body of his essay made the essay lose some of the value that would otherwise could have gone through to the readers had he specified the full meaning of the abbreviation. The fact that ‘MADD’ means Mothers against Drunk Driving, and the fact that the article talked about the prevention of drunk driving in teenagers does not mean that the writer should assume that everyone knows the full meaning of the abbreviation.

The usage of “MADD” obscured its true meaning as it was not specified in the article.Language Problem 2: gobbledygookThe second example that I am going to describe is one example that I find quite absurd. It is the unnecessary use of a lot of redundant words when writing. The example was also discovered in a newspaper that I read sometimes ago. It goes thus: “It goes without saying that we are acquainted with your policy on filing tax returns, and we have every intention of complying with the regulations that you have stated”. I think the writer used so many words that he/she could have done away with.

The paragraph could have been rephrased in another simpler and terse manner. For example, an alternative is suggested: we are ready to comply with all the regulations regarding the filing of tax returns. The suggested alternative is not only simple but also straight forward. Both the reader and the writer can easily decipher the meaning of the statement.

But in order to be fanciful, the writer decided to include unnecessary words that really added complexity to the meaning of the sentences.I think that the reason why for this is that the writer was trying to impress the person to whom the statement was addressed. In order to be able to do this effectively, he/she decided to use fanciful words in order to ascertain some degree of authority. In doing this, the writer added some words that he/she thinks might have this kind of effect.

For example, the “it goes without saying” is uncalled for. It could easily be done away with. Also, ‘we are acquainted with your policy’ could also be made more explicit by putting it in a milder way.  This kind of writings make comprehension hard as the reader spends more time trying to figure out what the writer is saying and this greatly impinges on the reader’s ability to comprehend what the writer is saying.

 In this example, the idea of communication – which is supposed to be an understanding between both parties, was completely done away with, and a sort of war was being fought with the words.Conclusionlanguage is a means of communication. It is an interaction between/ among parties. This becomes difficult when other motives are being fulfilled at the expense of understanding. Language loses its beauty.

Comprehension becomes difficult and the information being passed across is lost.Even the most insignificant language problems cost time, and often also money, and they should be avoided in professional.